Robert A. Young Jr. On September 7, Robert Allen Young, Jr., 46, of  Deep Creek, VA brutally killed his pitbull with a sword as neighbors practically looked on.  They watched him tease and taunt the whimpering dog then drag the clearly terrified dog into the mobile home.  They listened as the dog yelped in pain and terror then shortly they saw him drag the dead dog out and dump it in the trash.

Young was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty and he pleaded guilty.  He claimed he was defending himself although evidence doesn’t back him up.  He said the dog had lunged at him in the past and he was worried for his children.

Deputy Public Defender A. Robinson Winn said his client was highly intoxicated at the time and said, “He said the dog had been aggressive in the past and on this date in question and he killed the dog.”

Circuit Court Judge Bruce Kushner sentenced Robert Allen Young Jr. to a total of five years in prison, suspending all but 12 months. Kushner also ordered Young to serve supervised probation and to stay away from alcohol and illegal substances. The judge said he had no objection to the sheriff putting Young on work release.

I guess we have to be pleased, when you look at some of the past animal cruelty sentences, that he actually got a one year jail sentence. He also basically lost his family as his wife put him out after the killing of the family dog which had no history or aggressiveness regardless of his claims of self-defense.  He was just a drunk with some kind of a sick vendetta.  He may have had to “substantial” criminal history up to this point but I wouldn’t want to be around him.  Who know when of if he’ll go off again?  Scary!

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