Gerald L. Laux’s daughter said that her father regularly beat the dog with a shovel because it whined. On October 3, the 50-year-old Clintonville, WI man beat the dog so hard and so badly that he broke the dog’s back. The dog, a Rottweiler, lay suffering in the backyard until the 23-year-old daughter noticed it could get up and took it to the vet.

The vet told the daughter that the 9-year-old dog “had suffered trauma to its spine just below its head that caused the vertebrae to become separated, resulting in paralysis.” He had to be euthanized.

Laux was originally charged with felony mistreatment of an animal that was downgraded because due to a “no contest” plea so he was only convicted of a misdemeanor count of the same charge. His sentence? A mere 30 days jail time and two years probation. He’s also been ordered not to own or possess pets.

The 30 days he will be serving on a work release program which means there will actually be very little time in jail.  Well, Laux is no newcomer when it comes to dealing with the court.  He has a string of charges, mostly civil and alcohol related.  You’d think that the court system would take a look and get sick and tired of dealing with this idiot and finally just throw the book at him, actually punish him for something!!

And the daughter, who knew about the constant abuse and who should have been charged with at least neglect or negligence, was charged with nothing.

This poor dog suffered abuse after abuse, day after day and recieved to no justice! When will this ever end??

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