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For the Love of the Dog

Man Hangs, Kills Roommate’s Tiny Puppy – VIDEO

Patrick BrucePatrick Bruce, 41, of Albany, GA is under arrest and has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty after his roommate came home and found him standing under the hanged body of his tiny miniature Schnauzer puppy, Xena.  Bruce’s roommate, Michael Fromme, just got the 8-week-old puppy two weeks ago in part as therapy for Bruce who he says has serious mental problems and does not want sent to jail for this horrific crime but place in mental care.

XenaFromme who has been friends and roommates with Bruce for two years has been trying to get help for Bruce for most of the entire time as Bruce’s metal situation continued to deteriorate. He got the puppy to help Bruce.

“I was hoping it would give him something to care for. To help get his routine going, and help him get on a path to recovery,” Fromme said.

He doesn’t know why Bruce hanged the puppy with cable TV wire from the loft of the apartment because he claims his roommate loved the puppy. Last week when Fromme returned to the apartment and saw the horrific sight, he took the puppy to the police and asked again for help.

Police did arrest Bruce but not without having to taser the 6’2″, 220-pound man when he started fighting with them. Bruce is being held in Dougherty County Jail without bond and could face a five year prison sentence if convicted.

I have to admit of having some mixed feeling on this one. Oh, there’s no doubt this guy needs help, he has a history of mental problems but mental health facilities seem to just process and put put them back out on the streets again. There’s no real follow-up because there are so many people and if the patient stops taking their meds, as in the case of Patrick Bruce, things can go downhill fast and dangerously. This time is was a tiny innocent puppy that lost its life, what about next time? Is it worth taking a chance to have him back on the streets? Patrick Bruce needs to be away from society, he needs to get some serious longterm help. He needs to be locked up where society can be safe from him, there’s no doubt about that!

And one more thing, Fromme, Bruce’s roommate, is much more forgiving than I could ever be, I have to admit. Is someone hurt one of my babies, regardless of the reason, I think the police would be scooping them up and taking them to the hospital first, if they were lucky.

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