Jason McRobertsOk, we’ve got another sicko here!! Jason L. McRoberts, 30, was caring for a 7 year old boy last year from August thru Christmas and decided to do a little unauthorized, sick and twisted sex education teaching to the child.

This came to light when the child’s mother caught the little boy trying to emulate McRoberts.

The boy’s mother, who lives in Texas, told authorities there she’d caught the boy trying to have sex with her dog.

When she asked the boy about it, he allegedly said McRoberts “was doing it” to their dog in Grand Junction and “he needed to learn how to do it,” the affidavit said.

When interviewed by a specialist at a Texas children’s advocacy center, the boy explained McRoberts allegedly “made him watch” as he engaged in sexual intercourse with the pet — a male dog named “JoJo.”

“Jason told (boy) that he needed to stay in the room and watch him and he also needs to learn how to do this,” the affidavit said. (Grand Junction Free Press)

Grand Junction police started working the case in July after receiving a possible abuse referral from a social services worker in Texas and McRoberts surrendered at the Mesa County Jail on Wednesday on a warrant alleging obscenity — the charge is a relatively minor class-six felony. McRoberts was wanted on a separate arrest warrant for failure to appear on an indecent exposure charge.

Released on $1000 bail, he’ll be formally charged next week and charges may include child abuse.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” District Attorney Pete Hautzinger said.

It amazes me that the charge is only ‘obscenity’. What about animal cruelty, because I’m quite sure this poor abuse dog didn’t find this near as entertaining and this piece of shit did!! Looks like another slap on the wrist but maybe they’ll at least charge him with child abuse. Can’t see how anyone cannot see this as abuse!! Sick pervert!!

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