Michael TessmerIt’s horrific enough to viciously abuse an innocent animal but to kick a dog to death in front of your own children is beyond unconscionable! It takes a really sick a heartless person to do something like that and that’s just what 52-year-old Michael H. Tessmer of Waukesha, WI did.

Tessmer and his wife are in the process of divorcing and the children were staying with him for a few days.  On the day in question, the two children went with their father to his workplace for the day.  When they returned home after about 8-hours, they found that the dog, a 3-year-old labradoodle, had had accidents in the house.

That was when Tessmer became enraged and kicked the dog in the chest between 5-10 times.  The following morning, Tessmer’s son overheard his father on the phone with his mother telling her that the dog died from a heart attack.

Guess this brainiac thought it was over and done with, that he had gotten away with his vicious crime and he may have if his 11-year-old son hadn’t drawn a picture in school and written on it, “My Dad is a killer!”  Needless to say, this alarmed school officials who called the boy’s mother who then called the police.

A necropsy was preformed on the dog which showed that the dog died from internal injuries, consistent from being kicked in the chest.

Tessmer was arrested this past Friday and charged with felony mistreatment of animals. He’s also been ordered to have no contact with his children, wife or animals, and he had to surrender all weapons to police.

This is one scary man, and I do use the term “man” loosely. Images of what he did will stay with those poor children forever. Just imagine watching your father kicking your beloved pet to death in front of you. He should also have been charged with child abuse or endangerment. There’s no doubt he has some serious issues and I applaud the judge in ordering no contact with his already traumatized family or any other animals. Now if he’s just prosecuted and sentenced as harshly!

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