Robert A. Young Jr.

Update 1/7/09 – Man Gets One Year Jail Sentence for Brutal Sword Killing of Pitbull

Yet once again a pitbull is the innocent victim of a man’s brutality. Robert A. Young, 46, of the 2600 block of Darley Lane, Chesapeake, VA, was seen outside his home at Chesapeake Mobile Home Park Sunday with a sword and his pitbull. He went inside his home and when he came back out about 15 minutes later he had the body of the dog which he dumped in an outside trash disposal. Young had killed the dog with the sword.

Neighbors said that Young had been acting weird with the sword and dog and the dog was clearly terrified.

“He had a sword out and he was rubbing his dog with the sword. Then he told the dog to get in the house and he followed the dog in with the sword,” said neighbor Cynthia Montgomery.

“The dog was shaking like he knew something was getting ready to happen,” said Al Bundy, who lives a few doors down. “All of a sudden he takes it inside and kills it.”

“There was blood everywhere,” said one extremely upset neighbor.

“It’s just freaking weird,” said another.

“People heard the dog yelping as he cut him up,” said neighbor Sabrina Cowles.

Right now, there’s no explanation for why Young killed the dog but police report that he was intoxicated. A neighbor called the police after seeing Young dump the dog’s body.

Police arrived and determined that the dog had been killed with the sword, Young was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty. He was also charged without having up to date rabies vaccination for the dog or dog license.

Neighbors were shocked and mobile park owner said that Young had lived there for only a short time with his wife. No other animals or persons were at Young’s residence.

One neighbor commented how nice and gentle the pitbull was.

OH yeah, nice guy… get drunk… play with sword… kill dog. Now he’s a real benefit to our society and such a positive influence!! Hope to God he doesn’t have any kids or if he does they don’t follow in his footsteps.

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