With all the horror stories of the atrocities that man commits against ‘man’s best friend’, it does the heart good when you come across a story of man being just as good a friend to his dog as dogs usually are to us.

Michael Pigott, 52, of Pittsfield, MA, went out mushrooming with Miles, his five-and-a-half -year old, 110-pound English Bulldog about 7:30 Thursday evening.

When he hadn’t returned after several hours his son Ben Pigott made a call to police to report his father missing. State police dispatched a K-9 unit and air patrols. Shortly after 4 am the search was discontinued due to heavy rain and lack of visibility.

About 6:30 am a motorist called police after seeing a man flagging down traffic and of course it was Michael Pigott. The police picked him and Miles up and took them to Pigott’s car.

Seems last night Michale and Miles had gotten a couple of miles into their hike with still about a half hour of daylight left when Miles collapsed. Michael couldn’t lift Miles to carry him due to recent surgery on his arm and he didn’t have a cell phone on him to call for help, if it would have even worked.

“I could hear coyotes howling and had seen a couple bears earlier and opted to get a fire going and stay with the dog overnight,” he said.

“I thought, you know, I’m not going to leave him. If that dog was there by himself I would’ve come back to a pile of fur,” Pigott said.

So Pigott took the garbage bag he’d brought along for mushrooming and when it started raining, he turned it into a rain cover for them and kept a watch over Miles all night long.

Said Trooper David Hathaway after Pigott was picked up safely, “(Pigott) was in good health. I think the dog was more tired than he was.”

Like I said, just does the heart good! Kudos to Michael Pigott and glad the Miles is ok.

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