Hank Kousdi with Lucky Last Saturday night Hazzem “Hank” Koudsi and his wife were heading out for a last supper after a family birthday party and he saw what he initially thought was a little white toy dog in the road because of the way it was staggering around. When he realized it was a real dog he couldn’t just drive by and leave it.

“He was kind of staggering around and trying to pull himself across the road,” he said. “Once I saw it was a real dog I knew we had to stop.”

Unlike the many drivers who just drove by, many even yelling profanities, Hank stopped to help the little dog. With the assistance of two wonderful ‘good Samaritan’ pedestrians, one who even gave the shirt off his back to wrap the poor injured little dog in, he was able to get the pooch off the road and out of danger’s way.

To Kousdi it was obvious that the dog has been hit by a car. He was in shock, dirty and had no tags. He took the dog to Belleville Animal Hospital on Dundas Street where Dr. Gilbert Brodeur’s examined the dog and determined that he had a broken pelvis along with various bruises, cuts and scratches from the accident.

Kousdi returned to Toronto but kept in touch with Dr. Broudeur who told him that there were only two choices for the little dog, to humanely put him down, or to rehabilitate him.

Kousdi, not surprisingly, said to take care of the dog and get him fixed up, “simply because it’s the right thing to do.”

The dog required major surgery where a metal plate was screwed into the animal’s hind quarters securing its pelvis back together and a week later Kousdi was back in Dr. Broder’s office to see him. The dog, shaved from the mid-section down due to the surgery was recovering but shook in fear.

There was no doubt that he had been abused, most likely by a man because he cowered in fear around men. He was very timid. there’s no way to know about what this poor guy really went through in the past but Kousdi decided he had to take him home and keep him. He said that it was very frustrating for him that someone would mistreat a dog than throw it away as is it were nothing but trash.

“Owning a dog is a big responsibility. People have to realize that. It’s a big responsibility. You can’t just open your door and let it out and forget about it. Those actions have consequences.”

So after saving the dog’s life on a dark road and saving it again by having the doctor operate on him rather then put him down, Kousdi and his wife decided the only thing they could do was to follow through with the responsibilty they took on that Saturday night and make sure the dog had a good home, theirs. And what did they decided to name him? Why ‘Lucky’ of course! 🙂

“I think what I want people to get out of this is the responsibility that comes with having a dog. If people would neuter them, tag them …. Don’t take owning a dog too lightly,” he said.

So a story that could have had a terrible ending with the dog hit and hit again, or perhaps being put down at the vet’s office, has a very happy ending and it looks like ‘Lucky’ really is one very lucky little dog in the end!!

The Intelligencer

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