This is one of those stories that would almost be funny in a twisted way if it weren’t so sick and pathetic. On Tuesday night, a McAllen, TX, man doused his girlfriend’s Pomeranian with some kind of fuel then proceeded to set it on fire after an argument. The terrified dog then ran around and in the process proceeded to ignite some spilled fuel which then set the house, the idiot and the girlfriend, Veronica Sanchez, on fire.

Now the dog actually survived and with little to no injury except for mostly singed and burned fur. The dog was removed and placed with Sanchez’s family where it’s doing fine and waiting for the return on its owner.

The idiot, a 35-year-old unnamed man, on the other hand, isn’t doing so well. By the time the police had arrived he’s escaped but it was pretty easy to track him down at McAllen Medical Center where he was being treated for severe burns over much of his body.

Unfortunately, the girlfriend, 47-year-old Veronica Sanchez was also injured in the resulting fire. Both were transferred to a burn unit at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.

Sanchez’s remaining 11 dogs were taken to Palm Valley Animal Center in Edinburg where they will remain while she recovers from her burn injuries. They all seem to be doing just fine.

When the idiot recovers he’ll be arrested and most likely charges with arson as well as attempted murder, aggravated assault and animal cruelty charges.

I know that I shouldn’t find any amusement in this, it’s another terrible story of domestic violence and animal abuse, a very common combination but luckily, somehow, the dog was pretty much except for some singeing.  Unfortunately the girlfriend was injured but hopefully she’ll recovery and be smart enough to stay away from this idiot but said idiot seems to already be facing Karma for his cruel actions.  Hallelueah!  And he still has to face the law.

I should be cruel but I hope he’s suffering but good!  He brought this on himself and deserves everything he get, every minute of suffering for what he was trying to do.  I’m glad it backfired on him and he’s the one now paying the price rather than an innocent animal.

Man sets dog on fire, catches on fire himself

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