Jason Tidwell shot neighbor's puppy A Clay County, FL woman had to explain to her young children why their black lab puppy was no longer around after neighbor, Jason Tidwell, shot him to death.

“My dog got out of my back yard for five minutes and she ran down by my other neighbors house. The guy came out and shot her in her stomach and she went limp,” said the dog’s owner, Braswell. “It just automatically paralyzed her. When I got to her, she was still breathing and then she died in my arms.”

Tidwell’s wife told deputies that the dog had gotten loose previously and eat their cat’s food.

“She wasn’t even in his yard. His whole story was that she ate his cat food,” Braswell said. “Why didn’t they come tell me? I would have bought them more cat food if that was the case, but she wasn’t even in his yard.”

Police say that Tidwell never called them or animal control to complain about the puppy, Raven, wandering or being a problem prior to the shooting.

“Citizens have the right to protect themselves, loved ones and their property from harm and danger, but certainly that doesn’t give them right the to use deadly force,” said Lt. Bill Gaden.

Raven is describe as a sweet natured puppy who has never shown any signs of aggressiveness.

“She was so sweet. We got her about 7-8 months ago — black lab, great around my kids. She just got out in for five minutes, and now she’s gone,” Braswell said.

Tidwell was arrested and charged with animal cruelty for shooting and killing the dog with a pellet gun.

Guess Braswell should be glad it wasn’t one of her children wandering where they didn’t belong. Real nice neighbor!! No, dogs shouldn’t be wandering around but that doesn’t give people the right to cruelly kill them at a whim. Cmon, eating their cat’s food?!


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