Michael Jones, 23, shot and killed dog for barking Norman Seemann’s pal of 10 years, Whiskey, a boxer mix dog, is dead because this man, 23 yr old Michael Jones of Oakland Park, FL was annoyed with its barking. It interfered with his studying so on Jan 19th, while the dog was just sitting there, not barking or anything, Jones took advantage of the “opportunity”, took aim with a .22 pellet rifle and shot the dog in the neck.

Whiskey, severely wounded and in pain, ran around then made his way back into the house through a dog door, where he bled to death on Seeman’s bed.

“There wasn’t anything [Whiskey] did wrong to anybody,” said Seemann, 31, a self-employed handyman who also owns a pit bull mix named Pink. “For him to be shot and bleed to death like that was just a cruel way for him to die. I loved this dog and he loved me.”

Though he initially denied the accusations, Jones turned his rifles over to police for examination and a necropsy showed pellet fragments.

When Jones finally admitted to shooting the dog, he told Sheriff’s Detective Scott Erdelyi he felt the dog got “what it deserved.” He also said that there’d been an “ongoing feud” about barking and the dogs continually sticking their heads through the fence and that the barking interfered with his studying.

Seemann spray-painted the words, “My neighbor shot my dog,” on the blood-stained mattress where he says the dog died. He propped the mattress outside his house like a sign.

Jones, arrested Friday, has been charged with one felony count of cruelty to animals resulting in death. He is in the Broward County jail without bail.

Wonder how much studying Jones will get done in jail?? Like to see what he tries to do to the guys there who annoy him… before he gets the s**t beat out of him anyway!

Dog Shot and Killed because of barking

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