james-mitchemWe’ve got a real winner here my friends!  A 23-ear-old Fresno, CA, man, James Mitchem got drunk and decided to play with a knife.  He taunted and teased, Rocky, a beagle that belonged to friend staying with his aunt and lo and behold, the dog snapped at him.  So what’s this winner do?  He stabbed the dog!

Rockey was stabbed in the chest and was actually a very lucky dog because if the knife had went just a bit further it could have pierced his chest cavity and possibly killed him.

mitchem-rocky“Fortunately, being very lucky, he did not sustain any damage to his heart and lungs. A matter of a quarter of an inch deeper and this could have penetrated his chest cavity and he could have died within minutes potentially,” said Dr. Todd Conlan at Waterhouse Animal Hospital.

And now Mitchem’s aunt, Peggy Gibson, is upset and says the police are taking this too far, that her nephew was drunk and didn’t mean to hurt the dog, that the dog bit him and Mitchem was just reacting. It was just self-defense again a bad tempered dog.

And where have I heard that one before?

“He bit James really good and I think this was a reaction that James had to being bit. I guess he had a pocket knife and he pulled it out and stabbed Rocky, it was unfortunate,” said Peggy Gibson.

Well, if someone were taunting you with a knife wouldn’t you get a little pissed off, too?  Actually the wound Mitchem sustain is being reported as “self-inflicted” so… You figure that out.

Mitchem is also being charged with evading arrest which is aunt is also upset about.

“James didn’t evade any kind of capture. He was coming through the front door and they came up behind him in the back and nailed him to the wall. So I had more blood to clean up. I think they’re being excessive on him,” said Gibson.

Wow, this poor guy is just being wrongfully accused all the way around… poor baby.

Luckily the police aren’t buying the sob story and they charged Mitchem with felony animal cruelty as well as evading arrest and set his bond at $20k. Rocky is expected to make a full recovery and be just fine, thankfully!

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Anyone who teases and taunts a dog deserves whatever they get. I hope the dog did bite him but good! And I hope he faces some jail time to boot but time will tell on that one. His face will be plastered all over the internet and he will become yet another symbol for stupidity and idiocy…

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