gabriel-foxThis winner here, my friends, 25-year-old Gabriel Fox of Eau Claire, WI thinks the right way to train a dog is to throw it into a wall.  Real brainiac!!

A  woman took a dog with a broken leg to the vet but refused to admit how its leg had gotten injured.  Eventually police found out the she brought the dog in for Fox who admitted for throwing the dog against the wall.  And his reason for such a cruel act?  The dog was a submissive urinator, it would urinate when it was happy.

Bet the dog was also scared and had probably been yelled and screamed at too as well as who knows what.   Some people should not have dogs or pets and I wonder if he has children too?

The dog was surrendered and Fox got the usual slap on the wrist, a measly $200 fine.  Wow, bet that’s really gonna deter him.

Sometimes I’m not sure which makes me more sick, the abusers or the judicial system who lets them get away with their crimes!

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