Zahara, thrown from third floor window to her deathIn yet another example of domestic abuse linked with animal abuse, a New York man, Sherman Haynes, 27, angry over a deteriorating relationship, threw his girlfriend’s little Shih Tzu, Zahira, out a third-story window to the street below.

Haynes, during an argument with girlfriend, Farah Benoit, 25, started throwing furniture off the balcony of his East 93rd Street apartment in Brooklyn then he grabbed Benoit’s dog, Zahara, by the neck yelling at the woman: “You need your dog?” and tossed the dog to the street, three stories below.

The little dog, which suffered broken legs, collapsed lungs and internal bleeding from the impact, was pronounced dead at the suffered broken legs, collapsed lungs and internal bleeding from the impact.

“This just demonstrates the link between domestic violence and animal cruelty,” said ASPCA Assistant Director Joseph Pentangelo.

Although the incident happened on September 14, 2007, ASPCA investigators have been on the look out for Haynes since then and apprehended him during a ‘decoy date’ set up over the internet. They weren’t giving up on this predator!

The link between domestic abuse and animal abuse is well known and fall too many women are trapped in relationship hell because of threats of abuse against family pets if they leave. Now we are seeing women’s shelters popping up that will also take pets so that women don’t feel trapped and can take their ‘family’, even their furry family members, to safety, when they escape from these situations.

In domestic abuse situations, abusers will use anything they can to hold power, children or pets and far too often threats of abuse against a loved one is more devastating then actual abuse against the victim.

I am thankful that the ASPCA was so diligent in tracking this piece of trash down, now let’s hope the judicial system will be as diligent about prosecuting and punishing!!


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