In March, Rudy Fernandez, 37, of of Los Angeles, was watching his brother’s basset hound while said brother was incarcerated. For some reason, possibly barking, Fernandez decided to kill the basset hound, Samantha.

Fernandez tried for half an hour to strangle the dog by hand. Unsuccessful, he pinned the dog to the ground and jammed a fence post in her throat. Samantha, the basset hound, still would not succumb. Then Fernandez got an ax and delivered the fatal blows to the dogs head, killing her.

On Wednesday, Superior Court Judge Anne H. Egerton sentenced Fernandez. He must attend a mandatory 48-session animal cruelty program and spend 120 days in a mental health program, there were also the 294 days served in the county jail, five years probation, he must pay $500 in restitution to the Los Angeles City Department of Animal Services, and he cannot have any pets or animals for 5 years. If he violates his probation he faces 3 years behind bars.

Personally, even though he has already served jail time, I am disappointed to see that facing a 4 year max sentence, he spent less than a year incarcerated and now will be back on the streets and a threat.

Although it would have been horrible, he didn’t just bash the dog, he spent more than half an hour trying to strangle her, then jammed a fence post to her throat and then grabbed an ax and hit her numerous times. This is a dangerous and scary monster.

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