Meet Shane Morehouse, 52, of Fort Edward, NY.  He’s one of two men who were accused of duct taping then dumping a big shaggy dog along a rural road in Argyle, NY in Feb. of 2012.  The other was Louis M. Hart, 43, of Hudson Fall, NY.  When found, the dog had both legs duct taped together, was seriously underweight and  had a serious wound on it’s neck from wearing a too tight collar.

“It was just laying there,” a Trooper said. The dog’s back legs had been taped together, as had the front legs, and it had been able to work free of duct tape that had been put around its mouth. It also had a nasty wound to its neck, police said.

Jason Rozelle, one of the town workers who helped the dog, said it ate grass along the side of the road after it was freed and was drinking water from a ditch.

After some investigation it was found that the dog, Chubby, belonged to Hart.  Hart decided rather than pay for the medical care that Chubby, a ten-year-old Malamute-mix, needed due to wearing a heavy chain and too small collar, he’d dump the dog.  So he and his buddy, Morehouse planned to do just that.

Sadly, just days after being rescued and saved, poor Chubby’s life came to an end after it was found that he also had advanced cancer.  A sad end to what was a sad and neglected life on a chain, outside year around, tossed scraps to eat.

At the time, both men were originally charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty, but a Washington grand jury upgraded the charges to felony animal cruelty along with the misdemeanor charges.

Eventually both Morehouse and Hart were sentenced to 30 days in Washington County Jail and put on probation for 3 years.

So much for justice, eh?

Well, looks like Morehouse is finally in jail for some “real” time, where he belonged all along but not because the judge realized his error and changed his mind.

Within weeks of being sentenced though, Morehouse asked to be sentenced to jail instead of probation because he did not like his probation officer.

Washington County Judge Kelly McKeighan did not grant the Sept. 14 request though, because Morehouse had not actually violated his probation at that point.

He refused to report to probation as directed in recent weeks, which resulted in the Washington County Probation Department filing a probation violation charge.

Morehouse pleaded guilty to that charge Friday, and was sentenced to 9 months in jail, according to the Washington County District Attorney’s Office. That is short of the maximum one-year jail term he could have received. (Poststar)

That poor dog suffered every day of its life only to suffer yet another indignity when he was tossed like garbage and the men get a slap on the wrist and finally when on e does wound up in jail, for a measly 9 months, it’s only because that’s what he wanted… Sometimes I just have no words… *tears*

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