Damon BledsoeOne sunny, beautiful day in July wasn’t a very good day for a female pitbull; a white Chevy Malibu stopped on the Clark Memorial Bridge over the Ohio River and tossed her off the bridge, an 80? drop into the water below. But she was a lucky dog and amazing survived pretty much unscathed due to the rescue efforts of a firefighter dive team who happened to be training close by and some concerned workers and patrons of Joe’s Crab Shack when she made it to shore.

Honestly I never expected the authorities to find the waste of human life who so callously tossed Sunny, as she was named, off the bridge to what I am sure he hoped was he death but amazingly enough the POS was caught!  We’ve got a real winner here my friends, 39-year-old Damon D. Bledsoe, 39, of 210 E. Ormsby Ave., Lousiville, KY. This piece of trash has been arrested on 99 separate occasions since 2002 for everything ranging from domestic violence to disorderly conduct to theft to public intoxication. In this case he was charged with one count of second degree animal cruelty.

Seems this tough guy liked to brag about what he did but a few people obviously weren’t impressed and four people actually called Metro Animal Services to report him and also report that he also threatened to “do the same to the witnesses’ two kittens or throw their kittens in the sewer” according to the arrest report.

“She [one of the witnesses] said Damon Bledsoe had threatened to throw her two kittens in the sewer because they were a pain and he said, ‘I’ll throw them in the sewer, just like I threw my dog off the bridge.’ And then he said, ‘I was the one who threw the dog off the Second Street Bridge into the Ohio River,'” said Officer Lisa Nagle.

Bledsoe was arrested yesterday and had his arraignment this morning. When the Judge would lower his $10k bond he decided to get an attitude and walk out of the courtroom before the hearing was over but the Judge wasn’t taking any BS off him.

“I can hold you in contempt right now if you would like me to do that, or you can walk out of here respectfully,” Jefferson District Judge Katie King said. “How do you want to do it?”

This idiot flashed a “peace” sign but did calm down a bit after the warning.

As for Sunny, she was adopted on the spot after she came out of the river by one of the waitresses at Joe’s Crab Shack, Kelsey Westbrook.  Initially Kelsey thought about finding a good home for Sunny because she already had a German Shepherd, Nala, and didn’t have a backyard but the two dogs bonded right away and Kelsey fell in love with the sweet natured Sunny.

“She’s a big baby,” Westbrook said. “She’s a 60-pound lapdog. … She’s got a little bit of separation anxiety, which I think is expected given what she’s been through. I think she trusts me now and knows I’m not going to leave her or put her in danger.”

As for Bledsoe, Westbrooke said, “I hope he rots in jail. People who hurt animals are disgusting to me and I’m happy he was found and people can see from this case, if you hurt animals something will happen to you and it’s not OK.”

Shortly after the story initially broke, the management company where Kelsey lives informed her she has two days to get rid of the “vicious” dog as pitbulls were not allowed. For a while Sunny was shuttled back and forth from Kelsey’s apartment to her boyfriend’s while Kelsey tried to work with the management company, Areta Real Estate, but they weren’t backing down one inch.

Well, looks like luck was on Sunny’s… and Kelsey’s side again, a new landlord took over management of her apartment and now Kelsey, Sunny and Nala are all living there happily.

Looks to me like it’s a pretty happy ending all the way around! Time will only tell if there will be justice or yet another slap on the wrist for Bledsoe who is currently also facing trial for two charges of fourth-degree assault in a domestic violence case causing a minor injury, two counts of burglary and one each of disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and being a persistent felony offender but at least for Sunny and her rescuer, Kelsey Westbrook, they can rest easy now knowing that Sunny’s abuser is off the streets and they have a home to live in. 🙂

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