A 3-month-old, 2 1/2-lb Yorkshire terrier puppy became the victim when it tried to protect it’s owner from an assault from her boyfriend, 29-year-old Omar Lateef Lathon-Bey of Detroit. On Monday night, Lathon-Bey was assaulting his 26-year-old girlfriend in her Clinton Township apartment after an argument when the little puppy started nipping at his legs. According to the unnamed girlfriend, Lathon-Bey picked up the tiny dog and twisted its neck.

“He twisted his neck and threw the dog on the ground,” Capt. Richard Maierle said.

The girlfriend then reported stabbed Lathon-Bey in the arm. He was treated at a hospital and then was charged with animal torture, a felony punishable by up to four years in prison.

Police declined to charge the girlfriend for the knife assault. I guess they figured it was in defense of herself and her puppy.

Unfortunately the puppy didn’t survive the brutal assault.

Dr. Natalie Dolan, who treated the male puppy, said the dog sustained trauma to its chest but had no broken bones. The puppy died from severe bruises on its lungs — injuries typical when dogs are hit by vehicles. She said bruising of the lungs occurs when there are injuries to the lung tissue and the lungs fill up with blood.

Dolan said the puppy went into respiratory arrest; then was euthanized.

“We tried,” she said of the efforts to save the puppy. “We treated him with oxygen and IV fluids and sugar and things like that but it was just too severe.” (Freep.com)

Lathon-Bey denies choking the puppy. He says during the altercation he fell on it.  He was released on $10,000 bond pending an April 20 preliminary hearing.

This is an all too common situation where an abuser takes out their anger and frustration toward a partner or spouse on something that they love, a child or pet.  People who do this are a serious danger to anyone around them.  Authorities need to take these crimes seriously.  Here we have a tiny,  innocent little dog dead at the hands of an angry boyfriend during a domestic dispute.  That is horrible, but what if it had been a child crying and screaming at him not to hurt “mommy,” what would have been the outcome then?

Just lock the bastard up!  I’m sure this isn’t the first time and won’t be the last.  Who will be the next victim and will they survive?

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