Helena-West Helena Mayor, Jame Valley, ArrestedLast week when the arrest warrant was issued for Helena-West Helena’s Mayor, James Valley, Phillips County Sheriff Ronnie White said that rather than arrest Valley, they would probably just let him know when his court date was. Well, looks like something changed since last Friday when the statement was issued and Tuesday because Valley was arrested.

Of course he was never in jail, he was immediately released on his own recognizance with no bond. He is facing misdemeanor animal cruelty charges, which carry up to one year in jail or a $1000 fine.

He says he’s not upset about the charges but about broken promises. Again, instead of accept responsibilty for his cruel and rash act of dumping almost a dozen shelter dogs near the St. Francis National Forest on June 11, he continues to throw blame at anyone he can, specifically Ruby Burton, the director of the Humane Society of Southeastern Arkansas.

Valley says the charges are not about the dogs, but about humans with “vendettas”. Valley says Ruby Burton, the director of the Humane Society of Southeastern Arkansas, was “down here busting over gates and climbing over fences or whatever she did. That’s why she’s called a renegade, cause she violated the law in doing that. She should be the person whose under arrest for trespassing, interfering with government operations and all the other stuff she’s done in the community.”

Valley says the charges do not upset him nearly as much a broken promises made by Burton and the Humane Society. Valley says, “they promised they were going to come and get dogs adopted. Promised they were going to spay and neuter. Promised they were going to do a host of things. They did none and they still haven’t.” (Eyewitness News)

So instead of doing anything responsible himself, he dumps the dogs. And for all his posturing and blame placing, people don’t believe a word he’s saying.

Check out some of the comments associated with the story, they’re quite eye opening and informative;

From ‘trishwewe’

I live in this county Not the city in which the mayor rules but in Phillips County. Mr Valley is using every excuse he can to make himself look better for what he did. I have never had an issue with this man before because it was city problems but now he has went too far. He released dogs that were not healthy into the wild so they could be a danger to other animals and humans who were otherwise not subjected to diseases which these dogs need treatment. I have read and heard all the lies the mayor has told and he SHOULD BE ARRESTED. I am a member of the humane society and we never shut down his shelter we just asked that he make the animals safe and properly cared for. I am not a LIAR and I am not SICK. Mr Valley has called me both of these names and I am extremely offended. The Mayor is a very prejudiced and hateful man in my opinion.

From ‘crazed’

“Valley the Village Idiot” says Ruby Burton should be the one arrested for “interfering with government operations”? I hope they won’t let him off with just a fine. He needs to be in a jail cell with no food and infested with ticks & fleas…The Latest Craze in West Helena has t-shirts with a logo of a dog with his leg hiked and peeing on “Mayor Valley” They are $12 each for any size with 100% of the proceeds going to the Humane Society of the Delta. HSD shirts are also available with 100% of the money going to HSD. Please help…Brenda Jackson

From ‘jmckay’

The Mayor is a liar! If his mouth is moving he is lying. The Mayor is a moron, pure and simple. He has embarrassed Arkansas beyond comprehension; if you don’t believe me check out www.wonkette.com (a blog website in Washington D.C., mind you.) The comments are rated ‘R’ but have validity. How did he get elected??? What irritates me more than anything is some years ago the Director of the Pulaski County Humane Society tried to get animal cruelty laws changed from a misdemeanor to a felony…that is what needs to happen folks! I guess the Mayor figured no one would ‘notice’ what he had done or care…he found out differently. My prayer is the Feds will follow through with charges. HE SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE AND SENT TO ST. FRANCIS NATIONAL FORREST, PLACED IN A PEN WITHOUT WATER OR FOOD AND LET HIM TRY TO SURVIVE THE FLEAS, MOSQUITOES AND TICKS WHILE SURROUNDED BY HIS OWN EXCREMENT!!!

From ‘swinston’

The Humane Society acted well within their rights according to the law to assist abused and neglected animals. Valley is desperately trying to shift the blame and attention from his crimes to Ruby Burton, who he himself labeled a renegade. He did not give the Humane Society a chance to help the dogs because their offer was rejected when they were dumped. Valley was solely responsible for chosing the site at the city shop and for not supervising the dogs care to fall in accorcance with AR State laws. Some laywer, not to mention mayor. The citizens of Helena could not be more embarrassed!

From ‘jstang’

Valley the Village Idiot!! Every time this man opens his mouth its a bunch of lies that flow so freely its scarey. Makes me wonder how he ever got into office to begin with. The Humane Society of the Delta is working very hard to do what they can for these poor animals. With very little funds there is only so much that can be done. There has been dogs adopted out, placed with foster family’s, and some being held in HSD kennels. They are treated very well. Kennels are cleaned daily the dogs are fed, watered, and walked daily. This care could have and would have been done for the dogs in the pound had “Valley the Village Idiot” allowed HSD to do so. I urge everyone to check the HSD web site for donation, adoption, fostering, or to just sign the guestbook and show support. http://www.humansocietyofthedelta.homestead.com

There are comments like there on every article you read about Mayor James Valley and this fiasco he created for himself and his city. No one believes him, no one trusts him and no one is buying into the load of BS he is spewing.

Mayor James Valley Arrested

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