Mayor Cheye Calvo, whose dogs were killed in a botched SWAT raid is pushing for legislation to help prevent that from happening again. This is not the first time something like this has happened nor is MD the only place it has happened. Far too often in police raids dogs are the victims of overzealous officers. There needs to be legislation put in place, everywhere, that not only provides oversight for officers but some kind of training in handling these situations.

Look, I am not a cop basher. I have great respect for the large majority of officers on the streets, who put their lives on the line every day but the number of stories of dogs being shot by cops with their owners having no recourse is getting overwhelming.

There was a story just yesterday out of Buffalo about two dog being shot during a raid.  No one in the home was arrested, no illegal substances were recovered but two family dogs were shot dead, one while trying to run away, another while cowering behind a table.

There was another case in Grady, OK last year where a deputy stopped to ask for directions and a dog ran up to him, instead of getting back into his vehicle, he pulled his firearm and gunned the dog down… and the incident was caught on videotape!

As an interesting update to the Grady, OK story, Tammy Christopher is getting some justice for the death of her dog, Bruiser, shot by the deputy, Sean Knight, when he stopped for directions. It was just announced that Grady County commissioners will pay $15,000 to Christopher. Its about time that it was recognize that not all these shooting are called for but if Tammy had not caught the incident on videotape, you can bet they would have weaseled out of it like they tried to do to start with.  Confronted with irrefutable proof, they were screwed!  Hallelujah!  Nothing will every bring her dog back but I know, even more than the money, it’s the principal, the public acknowledgment that they were WRONG!

These are just a couple stories, I have more here on my website and if you look online you can find many, many more!

And it seems in almost every case that nothing happens to the officer because the “felt threatened” they were perfectly within their right to draw and fire.

If cops ever stormed into my home for some reason my dogs would run around and bark their heads off but they are about as aggressive and vicious as a styrofoam cup.  I could see something like this happening though, a dog that moves is a dead dog and I would have no recourse whatsoever even if they mistakenly barged into my house.

It’s rewarding to see justice for one… but what about all the rest??  Mayor Calvo never got justice.  I don’t believe he was ever even offered an apology, just a “that’s the way we do it” so deal with it.

What recourse do we have as citizens against those who are sworn to serve and protect when their first response it to draw and fire?

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