Octopus, six-paws puppy dog

This little guy is named Octopus because he has two extra paws. The cute little six week old tiger striped mix puppy was born with a rare deformity that caused the bones in his front legs to separate and grow into double paws.

Cute as it looks, this is no small problem for this little pup who, due to this deformity, can neither stand nor walk and also suffers from a severe case of tick fever.

He was actually going to be destroyed until vets in Hong Kong rescued him. Australian vet Stephan Lehner who plans to perform the surgery is consulting overseas to try to find the best way to proceed.

‘I have only ever seen anything like this two or three times in 15 years as a vet,’ he said.

Octopus’ right leg may need to be amputated due to the severity of the deformity but Hong Kong Rescue hopes to adopt the little guy into a good home once the surgery and recovery are completed.

‘He has a long, long road ahead of him,’ said Dr Lehner. ‘Whoever takes him in has to be strong enough mentally to endure seeing a dog they love suffer, but they will be giving him a life he certainly wouldn’t have had otherwise.’

You heart just has to go out to this sweet looking little puppy and to the rescue for saving him and the vet who is going to give him a chance at a somewhat normal life.

What an adorable little puppy and we hope for the happiest ending for his story! 🙂

Source – Metro.co.uk

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