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Memphis Animal Shelter 2009-2012, They’re Still Torturing and Abusing! VIDEO

I written about the horrific conditions at the Memphis Animal Shelter again and again and again and again and yet here I am writing about MAS once more because they are still torturing and abusing helpless animals!!  Video from February of this year has come to light showing images that are just painful to watch!

Mayor Wharton promised changes, improvements, training and more oversight.  Cameras were initially install so that the public could see what was going on until the shelter working whine and complained and they were removed.

There were allegation in February from activists from “Save Our Shelter” that the same problems which prompted the raid in 2009 (look at the dog at the preceding link), dogs were being starved, were happening all over again.

“Enough is enough.  Change needs to happen,” said activist Sylvia Cox.  “The reasons for raiding the shelter in 2009 are going on again, just over two years later.  Mayor Wharton said he was going to take the shelter from worst to first, and two years later, it still sounds like it’s the worst,” she added.


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Kill All Pitbulls!

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More On the Torture that is Still Happening!

Another pet blogger, Shirley Thistlethaite at YesBiscuit has been keeping a close eye on what’s been going on at MAS since 2009 too and recently via a FOIA request she was able to get copies of security cam footage.  It’s not pretty unless you count pretty horrific.  I watched some and I can tell you, she’s a stronger person than I to be able to get through them to be able to post some of the torturous cruelty she has.  If you can stomach it, go over to YesBiscuit and look but be warned, it’s very, very difficult.  Below you will find a video that shows just a tiny bit of what is going on but there is no doubt that something needs to happen and happen now!

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You see dogs yanked around by the chokepoles, lifted up, slammed into cages, dangled in the air.  Tiny sick dogs are cruelly dragged around, dogs are teased and taunted, doors are closed over and over again, four times, on a little puppy’s leg.  It’s a game to these people who are supposed to be caring for these poor unfortunate animals.  It makes me sick, literally sick to watch and even to write about this.

MAS Director James Rogers

MAS Director James Rogers

And what’s happening now that this is coming to light… again?  Oh, one MAS volunteer has resigned and the interim shelter director, James Rogers  said “he’s aggrieved with the footage and will have a training for both employees and volunteers on how to use the catch pole.”  Wow, now that’s really gonna make a difference, isn’t it? NOT!!

Thistelthaite insists a new training session is not good enough, “What we have here is not ‘I didn’t know how to use the pole properly’, it’s a culture of abuse where this is accepted behavior. You can’t train someone to be compassionate if they are not.”

I couldn’t agree more!!  We need to call, write, email, share, whatever we can do.  This horror needs to go viral again like it did in 2009.  Take a minute and go back and read my previous posts link in the first paragraph, visit YesBiscuit and you cannot help but to agree.

Here is a plea from Shirley Thistlethaite which I second and it is very important to remember!!

If you choose to contact city leaders in Memphis, please keep your comments respectful. We can condemn what’s going on at the pound while maintaining civility and a sense of professionalism. If the city receives 2000 well written complaints and 2 filled with hate speech, it will take those 2 to the media as representative of all animal advocates. In order to have the greatest impact on helping the pets at MAS, please keep your comments courteous when writing to city officials.

And get the word out!! Share, share, share!  Please don’t turn away from these helpless, innocent animals.  Remember, they have no voice but ours and if were are silent then they are doomed!!

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