MAS-KiddoIn the end of October when the Memphis Animal Shelter was raided and evidence of starved dogs came to light along with numerous other problems, Mayor Wharton promised changes, improvements and now, more than two months later there are still massive problems including the killing of dogs that were in the process of being adopted on at least two occasions and one dog being adopted that was not properly processed according to law, it hadn’t been neutered.  There are still sick dogs being left uncared for, stuck in cages which have been seen in the video and it wasn’t until public outcry that something was done.  What the hell is it going to take for a complete overhaul to this shelter?  How many more must suffer and die at the hands of the incompetent, careless and heartless staff?

In the beginning of December Kate Mauldin started the process to adopt a pitbull from the shelter. She filled out all the paperwork and was told that she would need a home visit. She waited… and waited… and called… and waited some more. She kept being put off. Finally on December 11, almost 2 weeks later, Kate went to MAS and demanded to see Kiddo, the pitbull she was trying to adopt. Finally they told her that they euthanized him the day before.

As to why, the story kept changing; distemper, signs of aggression. Thing is, medical reports show that Kiddo was completely healthy and temperament reports showed him to be a happy and friendly dog. There was a notation that he was somewhat timid.

What came to light days later was that shelter workers, okay, hold your hats on for this one, thought that “distemper” meant bad temper and that was supposed to be the reason for the confusion about the reason Kiddo was killed.

Amazing that a dog that was in good health and temperament all the sudden is so sick with “distemper” that he is killed with no word to the adopter who is waiting and calling… kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

“The veterinarian found the dog had distemper, and it was then euthanized the next day,” Tonya Meeks, Wharton’s communications specialist said. “In the between time, it is usually a courtesy — but not a written policy — that the folks at the shelter call anyone interested in adopting the dog, so they can decide if they still want him, and where that communication broke down, we are not sure. But we admit fault where that is concerned.”

“That’s all well and good, but if Kiddo did in fact have distemper, he caught it while no one was running a background check or making any effort to inspect my house.” Kate said, “Their inability to do anything in an organized or timely fashion cost him his life.”

Then again, another dog killed before the adopter could pick it up just the day after Christmas and Wharton calls it a “goof-up.” Excuses and more excuses and oh, maybe the worker will be disciplined. Well I’m sure that’s welcome news to Rita Leone who went to pick up her new furry family member and oh, hey, how about the poor dead dog, bet that’s real good news, just a “goof up”… oopsie.

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And the latest, at least it’s not another dead dog, just another goof up. The city’s adoption law mandates that unless there is a medical reason, all animals being adopted must be spayed or neutered prior to leaving the shelter. Well, looks like someone isn’t paying attention to procedure… again. A dog named Beale was adopted without being neutered even though the adopter was told that he would be.

The Mayor’s office said the dog didn’t meet the criteria for surgery but interestingly enough two vets signed off that the dog was perfectly healthy.

Sounds like there’s still problems, a lot of problems at Memphis Animal Shelter. You’d think with the eyes of the world watching, literally, remember there’s now video cameras installed and the public can watch the live feed online, that MAS would make sure there were no screw ups!! Mayor Wharton professes to take responsibility, well why doesn’t he just do the right thing, just like he did with his own office when he was elected, and clean house and start over again!?

Again I ask, how many more must suffer and die before some real changes are made?

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