Dogfighting Dogfighting is a felony in all 50 states now, a felony… not a misdemeanor, not a minor little crime. This being the case, why would the police ignore a call from someone witnessing dogfighting going on in public on a city street corner?

This is what happened in Memphis, TN on Saturday afternoon. A witness, who does undercover work with animal cruelty, was driving along when she came upon a scene the intersection of Austin Peay and Yale Road. There was about 30 young men and 15 pitbulls.

“They were slapping the faces of the dogs until they attacked humans. They were sicking the dogs on each other until they drew blood,” said Cindy S. “I saw them attacking each other and as they would attack, the guys would pull them back.”

Along with the men and grown pitbulls, she saw cages of pitbull puppy which she believed were up for sale and feels that this scene was a salespitch to sell the puppies.

“It’s a method of dog fighting that proves that the sire, the male dog, is a fighter and will go in and fight.”

She immediately called police and then waited… and waited…. and waited. After almost an hour and a half, still no police.

“Eventually I got out of my car and got all of the license plate numbers, called the dispatcher back, and said I’ve even got their numbers, please send someone out here. It’s criminal activity. It’s a felony,” she said.

Three phone calls and still no police. Even the administrator of Memphis Animal Services called police.

By the time they finally did show up, and they did show up in force, the show was over. Police actually just sent any remaining spectators hanging around along. No arrests, no citations.

“Thirteen patrol cars passed going with the rate and flow of traffic. No one had lights on. No one was hurrying. No one stopped,” she said.

Is this how Memphis plans to end what is obviously a disease in their city? The blood of all the dogs that will die should stain their souls. They had a chance to actually do something. Even if they were busy, couldn’t they have sent one car, just one? Wonder if they’ll even bother to follow-up with the tag numbers the witness got…. doubtful.

Memphis police says they are looking into the complaint but I have a feeling it will be quietly swept under the carpet….. at least I am sure they hope it will.

Police Ignore Public Dogfighting in Memphis

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