The Flynn's German ShepherdsA Middletown, NJ man, Michael Flynn was lucky that only one of his three dogs was just slightly injured after his neighbor, David Lench, 50, drove 16 four inch nails through the fence in a cruel attempt to do harm to the dogs.  And this is not Lench’s first attempt to harm Flynn’s dogs either.

Flynn knew something was wrong when his white German Shepherd, Boo, showed up with bloodied scratches on his face and followed the blood tail to the fence when he found the spikes protruding through.

I just walked over. I know there was some wire my neighbor put up. Then, I saw the spikes,” Flynn said. “They freaked me out.”

“It just scares me. If one of them got their eyes poked out, that would be devastating. It’s ugly and it’s scary,” Michael’s wife Colleen Flynn said.

A few weeks ago Flynn’s son saw Lench messing around the fence and asked what he was doing. Lench said he was just fixing the fence and left. Now it’s quite obvious what he was really doing.

In May 2007 Lench placed moth balls along the fence in an attempt to harm the dogs. Luckily Flynn got one away from one of the dogs before it could eat it. Lench pleaded guilty then was fined $1000. Now he faces more fines and even jail time

Lench was charged with animal cruelty and is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court on Feb. 25.

Flynn and the county’s SPCA police chief Victor Amato, pounded the nails flat to protect to dogs from further injury.

There’s no word why Lench would do something so cruel and malicious but there are no reasons or excuses that can possibly justify such actions. Flynn’s dogs could have been seriously hurt or worse. They were lucky, again. Hopefully the law will do more than just issue a “slap on the wrist” to Lench this time. He’s definitely shown how malicious and cruel he can be given a second change.  He should not be allowed a third!

Man Hammered Nails In Fence To Hurt Neighbor’s Dogs

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