Awwww, poor Michael Vick, he’s been through so much lately, “He was fined for flashing an obscene gesture to heckling Atlanta fans after a game, was stopped by airport security officers in Miami carrying a suspicious water bottle and failed to show for a scheduled appearance on Capital Hill to lobby for more after-school funding.” (USA Today)

Then the whole brouhaha with an “alleged” dog-fighting ring uncovered on property owned by him, although “Vick said he’s never been to the home, even though he owns it and was letting a cousin live there. He blamed relatives for taking advantage of his generosity and vowed to keep closer tabs on his inner circle.” (USA Today) Yeah, I’m sure we all believe that one! Especially since I’ve read stories reporting that neighbors had seen him at the house. You can check out my original post – Probe of Dogfighting at Home of Atlanta Falcons Quarterback, Michael Vick

Now we have Micheal Vick connected to a site that is selling dogs and puppies!!!

Website links Vick to dog-selling business – 5/3/07 – The site,, said Vick specializes in breeding registered puppies ranging from rare pit bull terriers to “the highly intelligent and powerful Presa Canario.” It also contains a disclaimer that none of its dogs were used for fighting.

“We breed specifically for ourselves first and foremost, and when/if we do sell puppies to the public, all prospective buyers are carefully screened,” the website says. “We do not promote, support, or raise dogs for fighting and will not knowingly sell, give, or trade any dog that may be used for fighting.

“Our dogs are all family pets,” the site adds, “and our puppies are all socialized and home raised.”(From USA Today – 5/3/07 – For the full story Click here)

Guess we’re just supposed to believe that one too? Especially considering the address for the ‘kennel’ is Moonlight Road and the house that was raided was also Moonlight Road. Wonder if there could possibly be some connection??? Hmmmmm….. nah, I’m sure he’s completely innocent! NOT!! Ok, sorry for the sarcasm (not really) but this whole thing just goes so far beyond ticking me off!!

And the Falcons? Well looks like this…

For now, the Falcons seem willing to take Vick at his word. In the team’s only public comments on the incident, McKay and coach Bobby Petrino both commended the quarterback for working hard in the offseason program.

“There’s a lot of people around Michael, and things happen,” McKay said last weekend during the draft. “We’ve got to get it to the point where those things are not happening.”

The Falcons apparently want authorities to reveal more details on the investigation before they comment on Vick’s possible involvement in the sordid case. (USA Today)

And seems no one can get ahold of ‘the law’ for any kind of comment regarding this case. Guess at this point we’ll just be keeping on eye on Mr. Innocent and see where else this leads! Please feel free to let me know if you find out anything interesting, definitely want to keep on top of this, has my curiosity piqued to see how much certain people can get away with!

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