I hate Michael Vick.  I really do.  As soon as I see him on the news, I just want to vomit.  I don’t want to comment on him, write anything about him, or have him in the back of my mind.   It’s kinda like I want someone to splash water on him so he can melt from existence.  Just like the Wicked Witch of the West.

This came my way earlier via Facebook and grabbed my attention enough to comment.

This is the only attention Michael Vick should get.  Not keys to the city.  Not lucrative football contracts.  Not his own reality show.  Not awards for *Courage*.  Not another DOG.  No book deals.  And God forbid, no movie deals.

Ohhhhh, what a world, what a world.  Who would have thought that some little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness. – The Wicked Witch of the West (The Wizard of Oz -1939)


When I first saw this video ad posted it to the FTLTD facebook page, aside from the way Vick and his thugs acted which should really come as no surprise to us, what I wanted to know was what the hell did this POS do to deserve such an honor, to be awarded the key to the City of Dallas?!  He’s a convicted felon still on probation and politicians want to honor him for what??  Because he can throw a ball?  The only reason he’s talking to kids is because he’s been court ordered to do so and it’s good publicity.  You can see from the video he doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself and surrounds himself by thugs.  What if it was a child trying to talk to him, would they have gotten the same treatment?  Probably.

I initially had some not very nice things to say about Dallas for allowing this “honor” to happen.  Is this the kind of person they want their children to look up to, to emulate?  Well I guess not because on Monday the mayor of Dallas, Mayor Tom Leppert demanded the key back from Michael Vick.  He said the the Mayor Pro Tem, Dwaine Caraway, who planned and executed the dinner and award, did not have the power, authority and backing to to this.  All I could do was applaud and laugh!

“The action taken was not sanctioned by my office and was not an official ceremonial honor on behalf of the City of Dallas,” he said in a statement. “Official Keys to the City are presented by the Mayor, or an elected official designated by the Mayor, and reserved, on a limited basis, for an elected official of international status. Clearly, this was not the case in this situation and done without my knowledge or approval.” (FOX)

Perhaps I shouldn’t get such pleasure over this slap in the face to Vick but I cannot help myself. He’s been slapping alot of people in the face for a long time.  So I am gonna just sit back and chuckle over this and enjoy it and hope that Vick is insulted, embarrassed and humiliated… doubt it, probably doesn’t care enough but I can hope. 🙂  ~ Deanna

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