Michael Vick Yes, it’s true, this POS is outta prison and on home release. Wow, those poor tortured, abused and killed dogs really got justice, didn’t they? NOT! He did no time for animal abuse! This piece of crap did a measly 23 months for the gambling, not animal abuse. There was no justice for the dogs he killed! And now it looks like he is pandering his notoriety to Wayne Pacelle of the HSUS to garner some sympathy, play some mind games and wheedle his way back into the NFL.

If anyone believes he has paid for his crimes you are sorely mistaken! If you believe he s truly remorseful, I also believe you are sorely mistaken. For him, this is just a way to pander to the public so he can get back in the game and back to the bucks.

He contacted Wayne Pacelle who actually visited him in prison and had a little conversation about his reformation, yeah right! Well, Pacelle says he’s not totally convinced but seems to be willing to give him a chance. Not me! This POS deserves to burn in hell, not enjoy the NFL playing field. As I said before and continue to believe wholeheartedly, the only thing Vick is remorseful about is getting caught and convicted, not the pain and suffering he caused.  It’s not like he needed the money, he enjoyed the sick thrill of this vicious blood sport.

If he’s accepted back into the NFL and if he becomes a spokesperson for the HSUS, all this is doing is sending a message that you can get away with murder, literally, if you play the right mind games and have a big name.

The HSUS has disappointed me in the past and if they take this waste of human life on, they will do so again but I won’t be all too surprised.  Big name, big money… it all comes down to the cold, hard cash.  Shame on them!

Personally I’d like to see Vick fade into obscurity and a few years from now hear one of those, “where are they now?” kind of things, seeing him doing menial labor or back in prison, now that will send a message.  Him being back in the game only sends the wrong message!

I’m going to stop now before this deteriorates into more  of a rant than it already is.  I’m quite sure my friends, commentators and readers will be more than happy to pick up where I left off!

If you’re actually still interested, you can catch up on all the Michael Vick background and BS HERE.

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