zimmerman Looks like the El Paso, TX, soldier, Frank Zimmerman, who brutally stomped on and killed one adopted dog, Tinkerbelle, and beat another, a little puppy, Wrigley, and shattered his leg, is going to get what amounts to little more than a slap on the wrist from the military.

There will be no justice for Tinkerbelle or Wrigley nor will there be any answers about the two dogs he adopted shortly before them who died in Zimmerman and his wife’s care.  There will be no just for the another two dogs that were adopted, after the 2 puppies wound up dead, and returned to the rescue.  They were actually the lucky ones.  When they were returned after two days it was obvious they had been traumatized and abuse but at least they are alive and physically uninjured.

Zimmerman’s crimes brought military animal abuse to light and angered animal advocates and animal lovers everywhere.  Signatures were amassed on petitions, asking, begging for justice, pleading that Zimmerman be prosecuted, all to no avail.

His punishment?  Reports say that  “Frank Zimmerman has lost his rank as well as a good standing within the U.S. Army by receiving an Article 15 for his alleged role in the death of his family’s dog.In a press release sent by the Fort Bliss Public Affairs Office, officials said the military police officer also faces the possibility of a less than honorable discharge.His separation from the Army is expected to be completed in mid-July.”

I want to say “unbelievable” but it really isn’t.  The civilian justice system is notorious for slap on the wrist punishment for animal abusers so why should the military be any different?  What this waste of human life did, this pattern of abuse toward innocent and defenseless animals shows real problems, cruelty and abuse over and over again.

Comments and accounts from other soldiers and people who are acquainted with Zimmerman, mostly talk about him being a jerk, among other more colorful descriptions.  This is not someone who is safe to be around people, a part of society.  He  needs to be prosecuted, locked up, harshly and severely punished!  This is a joke, a travesty of justice.  My heart breaks over the innocents that suffered at his cruel hands and anger fills me knowing that he will be out walking while 3 dogs are dead, two are traumatized and one puppy has bad to go through a long healing process.

If we don’t mete out justice here, we can only hope that Karma will rear it’s ugly head and gives him the punishment he truly deserves.  May you burn in hell Zimmerman!

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