This is a story that will give you nightmares.  It will send you to bed, crying your eyes out for days.  It’s about two dogs that suffered such vile and horrible cruelty, I can’t even find words to describe it.  The mind cannot comprehend what kind of beings could do these vicious acts. 

Unfortunately, human beings were responsible

Back in March, Dobromir Koziradski from Dryanovo, Bulgaria found his little dog (Mima) lying crippled near his home. All four of Mima’s paws were axed. She was in shock and biting her tongue in pain.  He immediately took Mima to a veterinarian where she was stabilized.  

And just this past week, some people in Belgrade, Serbia found a young German Shepherd mix hiding under a car. All four of her paws were cut off.  Just like Mima.  Mila was also rushed to a veterinary hospital for emergency treatment. 

It’s a miracle these two dogs survived.  An absolute miracle!  These were not angry, impulsive acts.  They were methodical enough to ensure these two poor dogs experienced excruciating pain and suffering.  It’s graphic…it’s stomach-turning…it is barbaric cruelty

So barbaric that it outraged many.  No one has been charged with the cruelty against Mima.  Nor is anything likely to be done to bring this person to justice.  There are no animal cruelty agencies or officers in Bulgaria, and no laws to punish acts of animal cruelty.  In response to this cruelty, Bulgarian agriculture minister Miroslav Naydenov was asked by animal defenders to strengthen penalties for animal cruelty.  Under the amended law, anyone found guilty of causing permanent injury or death to an animal will face one to three years in jail and fines that may exceed US $10,000. Repeat offenders or those who torture and/or kill animals in front of children will face up to five years imprisonment and doubled fines.  Miroslav Naydenov is confident the majority in their Parliament will pass the new amendments. 

In Belgrade, Mayor Dragan Dilas confirmed that City Hall will provide funds for Mila’s care.  Even though Serbia has anti-cruelty laws, the Mayor stated that the city “has no way to fight against sick minds that cut off a dog’s paws.” 

There are reports that arrests have been made for the crime against Mila, but no other details are available. 

By the grace of God, there is help for these dogs.  For Mila, a Spanish association of metal companies has volunteered to manufacture prosthetic paws.  The group called AIMME, or Metal-Processing Technology Institute based outside Valencia, Spain, made the offer to provide free custom paws for Mila.  Rescuers from several countries are making arrangements for Mila’s recovery, rehabilitation, and adoption to a safe and loving home. 

Donations for Mila can be made to The Mila Fund to cover the dog’s medical and care costs and help other abused animals in the future.  For information on how to donate money, goods or services, e-mail (B92 radio and television group)

Mima was adopted by a wonderful woman named Violeta Dobreva, who has worked with animal rescues to coordinate Mima’s care.  Mima has just flown to Germany for veterinary evaluation on surgery and for prosthetics as well.  She will be treated in a specialized clinic in Munchen and the protheses will be made by Dieter Pfaff.

To donate to Mima’s care, you can use this Chip-In Account.

These two dogs deserve a chance.  A chance at a decent life, safe and warm with love, and with some kind of mobility. 

And to the monsters that did this… 

No Mercy.

Mima’s Facebook (English) 

Mila’s Facebook (Serbian)


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