bear miracle dogImagine being greeted by your home engulfed in flames, losing everything, then, even worse, imagine a beloved family member missing, lost in the blaze.  This is what one SC family faced.  

John Hebberd had picked up his three sons from school and when he returned home, that was the sight that he faced.  Firefighters working to contain the fire which was blazing, smoke billowing from the windows.

“It was engulfed in flames and there was smoke everywhere. The windows were blown out, fire was pouring out of the chimney,” said one of the sons, Troy Hebbard.

Troy’s 16-year-old brother, Ryan Hebbard, rushed into the house to try to save their beloved dogs but was forced back out, “I had to come back out I couldn’t breathe anymore,” he said.

Of their two dogs, Ginger, who had been with the family for 9 years, rushed out of the blazing house but Bear, their 9-month-old Rottweiler, Golden Retriever mix , was nowhere to be seen.

As the hours passed, fearing the worst, emotions swelled and spilled over as firefighters drenched the house which, in the end, they called a total loss.

But then, a miracle! Bear, who they believed lost, was found hiding, huddled in a closet in the basement, the only part of the house that wasn’t laid to waste by the blaze the engulfed the house.

In the end, John Hebbard, the homeowner, put it all in perspective… “All of us are out,” said Hebbard as he watched crews extinguish the fire. “The rest of it you can replace.”

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