Just came across this today on Dogster. This is the diary entry for Teddi Sue, an adorable little 4 mo Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher puppy.

My car was stolen while I was on a trip up to Washington state. My sweet little Teddi Sue was in her crate in the car. Although the car was locked and the lot has security cameras,Teddy Sue some …. person… decided to steal my car… with Teddi Sue in it. I will be staying up here in Auburn, WA, for at least a few more days, to do whatever I can to try to find my little girl. Of course we are praying that we get a call from the police at any time letting us know they have our puppy. I just have to try to keep positive thoughts, though my heart is broken and I have a deep pain all through my body. I can hardly bear the thought that Teddi Sue is out there… somewhere… wondering where I am and why I left her. I pray that she is safe and warm and fed. I pray that she isn’t afraid. A sweet little puppy just does not deserve to have this happen to her. Please help our family pray that God will look down on her and keep her happy and safe until I can hold her and give her sweet kissies again.Wherever you are, sweet baby, know that Mommy loves you and she is so very sorry.

TeddySueThe car was stolen in Auburn Washington on Mondy, April 16 2007 with Teddi Sue inside of it in her crate. The car is a white 1990 Toyota Camry with Oregon license plates.

This is a message Terri Sue’s mom sent out today.

This is D’Ann and my heart is aching terribly. Teddi Sue and I took a trip up to Washington State this past weekend, intending to be home on Monday afternoon. On Monday morning I filled my car’s gas tank, and then stopped to eat a quick breakfast before beginning the 5 hour drive back home to Eugene from Auburn, Washinton. I left Teddi Sue in my locked car, a 1990 white Toyota Camry, in her crate. I had covered the crate with a blanket so that it could not be seen if anyone were to look into my car. It was a sunny day up here, but not overly warm. I ordered my food then went out to check my little sweetie to make sure that it wasn’t getting hot in the car. I got my food and then went back to check her again before I ate. The temp. in the car was comfortable and she was content. I went in, ate my food and paid. I had last checked her no longer than 15 minutes before. When I went out to begin the 5 hour drive home to Eugene, my car, with Teddi Sue inside, was gone. The Auburn police took the report and have issued an alert to look for my car. I am totally devastated and worrying about my baby girl. The police have asked me to remain here in Auburn for the next few days, because if my car, and/or Teddi Sue, are found, it will probably be within the following 2-3 days . I am doing all I can think of to get the word out and look for Teddi Sue. I will let you know, or phone a pal to let you know (if I don’t have computer access) if I find out anything about my darling little girl. Please, please, please pray for my Teddi to come back to me. Thank you. – Mommy D’Ann

Please, if you are in the Auburn, WA area, keep a look out for the car and the puppy. Get the word out anyway you can…. by mouth, repost this…. . If you know anything or have any information, contact the Auburn police immediately!

City of Auburn, WA Police Dept Webiste

Phone # 253-931-3080

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