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Missing Two Weeks, Dog Found Bound in Duct Tape and Closed in Trash Bag

Daisy_duct taped1Some of us know how positively scary it is when our beloved dog goes missing; the worrying, the frantic running around and phone calls to anyone and everyone, the searching, the tears, the hope, the prayers.  After a couple of weeks we begin to question and loose a little hope every day.  I can imagine how it was for an unnamed Providence, NY family when their beagle, Daisy came up missing.  For two weeks they scoured the little town of 1800 residents without luck.  Then on Sunday they got a call letting them know that Daisy had been found but how she was found is enough to make the most sedate person’s blood boil!

Ed Dandaraw, 64, was out hunting in a swampy area of his property, an area that he had not even ventured on in about three years, when he saw a black bundle. At first he thought it might be a baby bear but when he looked a little closer he saw it was a plastic trash bag. Then the bag shifted and he saw two brown legs sticking out. When he ripped the bag off, you can imagine his surprised when he found a dog inside, a dog that had been cruelly duct taped, her midsection, her front paws and her whole head except for her nostrils was encased in a silver prison.

Daisy_duct taped2“When I pulled open the bag, she hardly moved,” said Dandaraw, who said the dog’s skin beneath the tape was hairless and appeared to be rotting. “I don’t think she had much time left.”

“(Whoever did this) was a very sick, deranged person,” Dandaraw said. “They left the nostrils open so she could breathe in the bag.”

He took the dog to an emergency vet who scanned for a microchip which they found. They called the owners and Daisy was reunited with her family. She’s about 20-lbs lighter then she was before she went missing, can hardly eat so she has to be fed tiny quantities many times a day.

Now Dandaraw wants justice for Daisy who would have died a slow, cruel suffering death if he hadn’t chanced to be in that area of his property.

“I did my job in saving that dog,” Dandaraw said, “and now whoever can help to find out who can do this needs to stand up.”

Do you live in that area or know someone who does? This is something that you can imagine some sick kids doing for a thrill or maybe someone trying to get back at the owners for something. Most likely a bully or piece of trash who is proud or what they did and maybe even bragging about it. Whoever did this could easily do something like this again or something even worse. Please help to get the word out. Someone may know something or hear something. Daisy deserves justice and the trash who did this needs to pay for their cruelty!!

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