Greyhound racing is officially over in Colorado. The state’s last live dog racing track in Commerce City closed at the end of June.

This is really mixed news, both good and bad. I’m no fan of greyhound racing. There are so many horror stories associated with it and like most anything, you have wonderful caring people who love their dogs and then you have others. All in all, I won’t shed a tear to see this over, so that’s the good news.

Now the bad news, or possible bad news, there are hundreds of dogs, beautiful majestic greyhounds in need of homes. There are wonderful greyhound rescues out there that do an incredible job and they will be stepping up to make sure these dogs are cared for, fostered and trained how to live in a home environment.

In the end, this will be great news for these dogs. They will have a chance to live a more normal life, with loving families. 🙂

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