Several weeks ago twelve puppies were found bagged and tossed in a Dumpster in Kalispell, Montana, only two survived. Thankfully the person responsible was caught. Now more dead puppies have been found!

Three puppies were found Monday, wrapped in a bedsheet, drowned in the Flathead River west of Bigfork. Two others were found in the same area only days before. All the puppies, only days old, are believed to have come from the same litter.

Animal control officer are investigating.

One has to wonder if they talked to the person responsible for killing the puppies several weeks ago to see if he may have been involved. I would hope that he was the first person they spoke to. If not he, what do they have going on there? Kalispell is not a huge city with masses of people, population is less than 15K. Flathead County, 85K, and Bigfork, less than 1500. Sad as it is, you do see things like this happening in large cities all the time but usually not so much so in the smaller or more rural areas.

Are such instances of animal cruelty so pervasive and becoming so rampant that it’s just everywhere now? Are people so inured to pain and suffering the they can just heartlessly kill with no remorse or feeling? What is wrong with people??

Great Falls Tribune

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