MAS1Almost a month after the raid on the Memphis Animal Shelter, MAS, it’s beginning to look like what they found is just the tip if the iceberg.  As the investigation continues, records, what few and disorganized there are, show that about 18,000 animals went through MAS from January  through mid-November.  Over 12,000 were euthanized but there was also a figure of more than 200 animals that died while in the shelter’s care.

These animals, these 227 unfortunate animals’ deaths’ remain unexplained and may never be explained due to how terrible the paperwork was kept at the shelter.

Two weeks after the raid, there were already many changes at the shelter but we’re still waiting to see criminal charges filed against those responsible for the horrific conditions that we are now finding out are even worse, if possible, then we even thought.  It looks like that may happen soon and it cannot be soon enough.  The DA’s office is still waiting for the final investigation report…. so I guess we’ll keep tuned and hope that there will be some kind of justice for those so cruelly and wantonly killed.

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