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For the Love of the Dog

More on the Pregnant Dog Dumping Senator Kent Williams Story

Pregnant family dog dumped by SC Senator WilliamsThis story is making its way across the internet and blogosphere and making a lot of people angry, as it should.

If you haven’t heard by now, SC Senator Kent Williams called animal control on March 18 and had them come and pick up his very pregnant German Shepherd which he surrendered to the shelter, a notoriously high-kill shelter!

On Easter Sunday this sadly abandoned dog gave birth to 8 puppies in the shelter. Luckily for her and the puppies, she and her puppies were rescued and are now in a foster home.

When I posted this story originally I posted contact information for the Senator and an email to his office got the following ‘canned’ reply:

“The following statement has been released to the media.

Senator Kent M. Williams“Growing up on the family farm, I developed a love and respect for animals at a very young age that has stayed with me throughout my life. As a result I have adopted four dogs during my life, all of whom have been attended to and provided for with the utmost care. My German Shepherd was given to the local shelter for her own safety, with the knowledge that I would reclaim her if no one else did. Any suggestion to the contrary is a complete and utter falsehood.”

Kent Williams
Senate District 30″

And this is my thought on that! I have to admit that I find his ‘side’ highly unbelievable considering he turned the poor dog over to the shelter to be put to sleep. I saw the paperwork, there was nothing about him reclaiming the dog in the future. Besides, when you surrender a dog to a shelter, you cannot reclaim it.

While purusing the ‘net this morning for more follow-up on this atrocity, it seems it has made at least one ‘major media’ story which also included his ‘canned’ media response.

I also came across several blogs writing on it. One caught my attention, not the story but one of the comments. Now I have no way to verify this comment but thought it was interesting enough to copy. It comes from Fitsnews which did a little blurb on the story, not much different than my original post but here’s the comment that really got me attention, I would love some verification on this but if it’s true, it really shows the good Senator’s attitude toward our companion animals!

24. AngieLuvsAnimals – April 3, 2008

I assure you this is all true. I called the office myself and confirmed it before it got on the internet. The info is public. Kent Williams address was on the surrender form that is placed on a clip board on the caged cell of death. I know I worked there almost two years. My name is Angie. I used to work at the shelter.

When I worked at the shelter, Kent Williams came in and asked me to look for a smart lab. A few weeks alter a beautiful black lab came into the shelter. She was a great fence climber, so I could not keep this dog inside. I called Kent Williams and told him about the dog. He said he had to have her and he then adopted without paying an adoption fee for her. He did have her taken to the vet by his right hand man, best friend , animal control officer buddy Donald Fling. He did have that one spayed at least.

Kent knew she had heart worms and Kent promised me there was no way she could escape his fence. The dog kept getting out and he or Donald Fling would call me to tell me to go get the dog. Donald Fling was the animal control officer not me, but I went and got the dog anyway in personal vehicle.

Finally after Kent had not came back for the dog I gave him a call and asked if he was coming back for the black lab, he said he did not care for or have time for that dog to put her to sleep or what ever, he did not have time to deal with her anymore.

I then called the vet to find out what had been done with her so I could find rescue for her. I then found out from the vet that she had tested positive for heartworms and Kent had never brought her back for her heart worm treatment. I called Kent back and told him about the heart worms and he said the dog is not his problem and do not bother him with it again.

So some great kids in the county raised over $300 for her heart worm treatment and we found a great rescue for her. So, you see this lack of interest for animal life is not an isolated case. This is the way Kent is. Why have an animal if you could care less about them.

Hmmmm…. food for thought? Can’t see someone posting something so detailed and easily verified without there being some truth in it.  So again I say, Senator Kent Williams, you are BUSTED!

You can find Senator Kent William’s contact information, sample letter and the background on this HERE.  Feel free to write and let him know exactly what you think about him and what he did.  Help get the story out.  Our public officials need to know that they are in office because of us and we can remove them too.

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