Ed Block Courage AwardMore evidence of insanity in this world when a waste of human life who abused, tortured and killed dogs, gambled and embezzled money, among other things, not only gets a multi-million dollar contract but also receives a Courage award.  That’s right folks, our favorite piece of scum, Michael Vick, was recently awarded the Ed Block Courage Award, an award meant to recognize courage, commitment to sportsmanship, and community service. Wow, he really embodies all those attributes doesn’t he? NOT!

The Ed Block Courage Award Foundation’s web site explains that the organization “is dedicated to improving the lives of neglected children and ending the cycle of abuse.” The group “raise[s] public awareness and support[s] child abuse prevention with our radio public service announcements.”

Vick’s stab at “helping children” include a few appearances, probation mandated, where he talk about what he did while blaming it on anyone and everyone else, never taking real responsibility for his action.

The web site also explains that the recipient of the award “exemplify commitments to the principles of sportsmanship and courage,” that the recipient “symbolizes professionalism, great strength, and dedication,” that the recipient is a “community role model,” and that the recipient “will be identified as a team player in helping abused children and families in crisis.”

The award recipient is not chosen by the Foundation itself but rather by the team’s players, you got it, Vick own Eagles’ team mates chose him to receive this award over anyone and everyone else on the team.  Makes you wonder what they were thinking, or not thinking at all.

And Vick, like many of the past award winners, was he gracious and selfless and honored?  Of course not and this idiot actually believed he deserved it!

“I’ve had to overcome a lot, probably more than one single individual can handle or can bear. You take a look at what I’ve been through, you ask certain people to walk in my shoes, they probably couldn’t do it. Probably 95 percent of the people in this world – because nobody had to endure what I’ve been through, situations I’ve been put in, situations I’ve placed myself in,” said Vick.

Oh yeah, he had to overcome a lot! He was sitting on top of the world, making millions for playing a game, he had homes, cars, most anything money could buy, he had the adoration of thousands and thousands of people, was held up as a hero to children but he threw it all alway. For years he engaged in a vicious “bloodsport” for kicks and thrills, pitting innocent dogs one against another; abusing and torturing them and then killing them in the most cruel ways you can even imagine.

Sure, he spent 18 months in prison, for federal charges related to conspiracy and dogfighting, not for the cruelty he meted out against defenseless animals. Sure, he lost a lot but that’s nothing in comparison to many of his victims and in the short time he’s been out of prison, he’s shown that you can be a convicted felon, a killer, but as long as you are backed by some bigwigs in the NFL and a powerful animal advocacy organization, you can dance over those dead bodies and through the blood and head back to the top again.

Again I’ll say it, a helluva lesson we’re teaching our children today! It’s more important to be able to throw a football, to  win a game than to be a decent person of upstanding moral character.

Some of the previous winners of the award have been people who devoted their time to really helping children, who built or worked with charities, who raised money for the less fortunate, who have really had to overcome personal misfortune through no fault of their own.  Many have been men we should hold up as heroes and models for children to emulate, not some convicted felon whose only regret is that he got caught. This is an abomination and a true shame, you can bet Ed Block is rolling over in his grave on this one!

Please take a moment asking the Ed Block Foundation to deny Michael Vick the award!


You can also contact some of the members of the Foundation directly:

Ed Block Courage Award Foundation
8808 Orchard Tree Lane
Towson MD 21286
Phone: 410.821.6252
Fax: 410.821.6240

  • Sam Lamantia Jr., CEO/Chairman of the Board sam@edblock.org
  • Dave Copenhaver, General Manager   dave@edblock.org
  • Paul Mittermeier, Director of Communications  paulm@edblock.org
  • Andrew Primrose, Director of Special Events  andrew@edblock.org
  • Dann Shannon, Art Director  dann@edblock.org
  • Please remember to be courteous and keep in mind, this Foundation DOES NOT choose the recipients of the award, they only follow the wishes of the team members and bestow the award on who it is they choose and Michael Vick is that last person anyone should choose for an award like this!

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