skagit-puppy-mill-dogJust a day before the civil hearing to petition for a return of the more than 400 dogs that were seized from Richard and Marjorie Sundberg of Big Lake, they changed their mind and forfeited the dogs.

The Sundbergs are still facing four felony and six misdemeanor charges, four counts of animal cruelty in the first degree, four counts of animal cruelty in the second degree and one count of transporting or confining in an unsafe manner.

Now that the dogs have been forfeited, they can receive the medical care they so desperately need. Due to the fact that they still legally belonged to the Sundbergs, only the most basic or emergency care could be given.

Now that the dogs are legally property of the numerous rescued they have been moved to, the real work can begin. Many of the dogs have already been placed with foster families and some of those families are eager to adopt their charges. Sadly, in many other case, foster families have returned the dogs, finding them too much to handle. Some of the dogs are so emotionally scarred and afraid of people, some have serious medical problems.

All in all, the public is enthusiastic about adopting the dogs and adoptions will begin at the various rescues as soon as the dogs are ready.

For the dogs, this is a best case scenario, they will finally have a chance at a real life.

For the Sundbergs, they still face criminal prosecution as do Jason and Serenna Larsen, a couple who were hired to live in one of the homes owned by one of the Sundberg daughters, Mary Anne Holleman.

The Sundberg daughters, Mary Anne Holleman and Renee Roske, who is believed to be the leader of the organization, have not yet been charged but the investigation into the multi-million dollar operation is still underway. Hopefully they will all face their day in court, their abominable operation shut down for good and they will be the ones looking out from behind cage bars!

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