dogs-poisonedResidents of an East Prairie, MO neighborhood had a horrific and heartbreaking sight to deal with yesterday morning, 15 dogs, dead by poison and other dogs missing and this isn’t the fist time.  The say that someone tossed bags of poisoned meat where dogs could get to them.

Residents say that someone has been randomly poisoning their dogs for years but never anything like this.  Some lost all of their pets, one young boy lost both his dogs which make a total of six over time.  Another woman lost three of her dogs, her babies, and is hearbroken.

Neighbors are angry, upset and scared.  What if a child got a hold of the poison one man asks??

How unbelievably heartbreaking!  What kind of a sick and twisted person could do something like this?  These poor dogs, people’s babies, their pets, beloved companions, suffered horrible deaths.  Someone has to know something.  The police need to take this seriously.  Whoever is doing this is very dangerous.  My God, I just cannot even wrap my mind around this.

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