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UPDATE 1/21/10 – Arrests Made – Of Owners and Niece – Whole thing Made up!!

In a brazen theft on January 19 at about 3:30 am, two men broke into the Cool School for Dogs in Johnson City, TN and stole 12 dogs and slashed and employee.

Ashli Thomas, niece of owner, Brad Josselyn, has an apartment at the business and stays there. On Tuesday, Ashli heard the dogs barking and when they didn’t stop, she went to investigate. She found a light on and a man there who slashed at her with a knife, cutting her side. The man then exited and got into a white van and the driver took off.

The gate lock had been removed and the back door busted, the dogs taken out. Missing were nine Doberman Pinschers taken, one hound mix, one Black Lab, and one Miniature Pinscher. All were rescue dogs, some with medical problems;one dog had three legs, another was blind, all waiting to be adopted. Now their fate is unknown. Josselyn worries that they may be sold into research, as fate worse then hell itself.

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Below is a plea from Tammara Josselyn, founder of Canine Hope Rescue:

Our rescue has experienced a great tragedy. Someone broke into the Cool School For Dogs Puppy Dog Day Care and stole many of the rescue dogs that were being cared for there. There were mostly Dobermans taken and 3 other smaller dogs, in total 13 dogs.

We have no idea how many of these missing dogs were actually stolen as there is a possibility that some may have escaped out of the door and gate since the dogs were kept out in the playroom together and only a few were kenneled at the time. They could have traveled a very long distance, especially if someone found one and took it home to help it by looking for an owner or new home thinking it was a stray. Some of these dogs have very important medical issues that need to be addressed, including two that must have special supplements before eating meals or they cannot keep weight on their bodies. Some have been with us for a long time due to medical needs and others were recently rescued.

If you find one of these dogs please, please return it to us. We are offering a substantial reward for any of our dogs that are returned – no questions asked, we just want them back. There are families that are in the process of adopting a few of them and we want to get them in these wonderful forever homes.

If you know ANY information about where these dogs might be, have been taken, etc. please share that information with the local police. Anyone who may have seen something in this area, or may have other information about the crime, is asked to call the Johnson City Police Department at 423-434-6168 or Crimestoppers at 434-6158. To send an anonymous text message to the Johnson City Police: text 423JCPD and your tip to 847411 (tip411). You may also log onto

If the people who took the dogs read this – please take the dogs somewhere safe, leave them and then call and let us know where we can find them. Take them somewhere safe and let the police know where they are so we can get them. Please know that the information about these dogs has reached every corner of the United States.

Rescue people are a close and tight group of people who save animals every day and this has outraged everyone that someone would take these dogs! Dog lovers are outraged and spreading the word. They are looking everywhere for them so just PLEASE get them back to us!

If you happen to find one of these dogs – we understand that some people may be frightened by a Doberman but all of these are very friendly. They may be frightened, unsure of where they are when they show up near you. You can nicely talk to them and each and every one of them will willingly work with you, or you can call me at 423-773-8113 and we will send a volunteer
immediately to get the dog!

Some of these dogs need medication, some are ill or injured and recovering, please look at them – most have very distinct looks, markings, etc.

Below is a slideshow of the stolen/missing dogs.

My heart breaks for these poor dogs and those who were so lovingly caring for them. Please, share, share, share!!

UPDATE 1/21/10 – Arrests Made – Of Owners and Niece – Whole thing Made up!!

In an unbelievable turn of events, the latest is that this whole this was made up!  That’s right folks, a big scam on all of us who worried and cared and searched and spread the word about these poor “stolen” dogs!

Ashli ThomasPolice report that Ashli Thomas, 24, of Newbern Drive, Johnson City has been arrested for filing a false police report.

According to the Johnson City Police, Thomas admitted she “made the story up because she had left the dogs unattended and had not been caring for the dogs properly.“

The owners of the business, Brad and Tamara Josselyn, along with Thomas, have been charged with eight counts of animal cruelty.

Brad Josselyn said he is totally surprised to learn his niece made up the story.

Thomas is currently being held in the Washington County Detention Center under a $5,000 bond. She will appear in court tomorrow. (Tri-Cities)

I cannot even say what I am thinking right now, how angry, upset and outraged this makes me. At this point there’s no word about the dogs that were allegedly stolen, police say the dogs could’ve been sold, killed, or may not have existed in the first place.. So we still have plenty to worry about . Guess we’ll have to wait and see if there’s word. Just unbelievable!!

When police were investigating the “alleged” robbery, animal control seized 22 dog from the property, 2 of which were just being boarded there.

“It was not only coat neglect but starvation (and) not maintaining the premises,” she said. “There were filthy conditions.”

Anyone with information about any of the dogs alleged to be missing can call the police or the Washington County/Johnson City Animal Shelter at 423-926-8769.

Below is a picture of Bolt, a dog that was seized from Canine Hope, the rescue associated with the doggie daycare – before and after shots.  Just unbelievable that any rescue could do something like this to an animal they were supposed to be caring for.

Bolt - before pic Bolt - after pic
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