AnyaCheck out this sweetheart! This is Anya, Missouri Pitbull Rescue’s, June Centerfold!

What a babe! This black beauty is not only gorgeous on the outside, she also has a true beauty inside. She is about 2 years old and look at that body…! She definitely is a head-turner.

Anya is a friendly girl, outgoing and playful. She craves and “demands” attention, so not the best choice if you are looking for an independent pet.

She does well in the house, has great manners and is easy to handle. We’re working on her sit, down and wait commands. She seems to learn quickly and wants to learn/is responsive.

She has a very funny trait of sticking her butt in the air and her head on the floor as a form of greeting – she can be and looks very sweet/cute! She has beautiful brown eyes and very cute radar/bat ears when she is focused! She likes people and loves to be petted, prefers to sleep in your lap. She takes treats very gently and chews them carefully if given in small bites. (She will inhale a milk bone whole if given the chance!) Please open your heart and home to this black beauty … you’ll have a friend for life!

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