Murphy going home Murphy, the 9 yr-old shepherd that was bludgeoned near to death with a sledgehammer and found in Murphy Candler Park, has made an amazing recovery and will be going home today.

On December 2, Robert Kennedy was walking his dogs in the park when he found the shepherd, wrapped in a blanket, in shock, in severely wounded. He rushed the dog to a vet, Pets Are People Too in Dunwoody.

After an examination, the injured dog was given only a 10% chance to live but Robert Kennedy wasn’t going to see him euthanized if there was any way to save him.

“The vet checked him out and said he only had a 10 percent chance of survival and it might be humane to put him down,” Kennedy said. “But I thought, ” ‘Today is my birthday. I can’t do that on my birthday.’ “

Now, only 6 days later, Robert Kennedy is getting his birthday present, Murphy, as he named the rescued dog, is going home with him.

“He’s pretty amazing. I mean everything clicked right, all the circumstances clicked right. Underlying all that is a dog that just didn’t want to give up,” said Dr. Stephen Pope.

Initially doctors were concerned because Murphy didn’t want to eat but they got him started on baby food Friday and since dog food didn’t seem to be to his liking, Murphy got to chow down on rotisserie chicken.

He’ll get to meet Mr. Kennedy’s other two rescued dogs, 2 2-yr old golden retrievers that he’ll share the home with and he’ll have a big fenced in yard to run and play in.

Mr. Kennedy pledge to pay the vet bill for Murphy, no matter how much it cost to get him healthy again.  After being inundated with offers to help, he did set up a trust fund and more than 600 people have donated to help defray the more than $6000 vet bill.

“I’m just overwhelmed by the generosity of people, and I’m going to make sure that generosity is justified,” he said.

Murphy is also getting a month’s worth of free dog food and a dog bed as gifts. He’s one lucky pooch with a strong will and now he’s going to have the kind of life he should, surrounded by love and new friends.

Murphy’s original owner, Joseph Waters, remains in jail on $25k bond. The reason he gave for beating the dog, whose name was originally Austin, was that the dog had been poisoned and he was trying to be humane by euthanizing him. Vets found no evidence of poison in Murphy.

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