Mutilated PuppyThis poor puppy’s former owner decided to do some surgery and sadly all he wound up doing was mutilating the dog and getting cruelty charges filed against himself!

And now this puppy needs a home. 🙂

GAINESVILLE – The Hall County Humane Society is looking for a new home for a puppy who’s ears were mutilated by it’s former owner.

Rick Aiken, President of the Humane Society, says the owner tried to clip the dog’s ear, “It was just somebody that tried to do something a professional should have done.”

They now face cruelty charges.

Aiken says the puppy, a great dane mix, doesn’t seem to be emotionally harmed, “[He] jumps all over you, licks you; so it hasn’t lost that innocence.”

The male dog is three or four months old and doesn’t have a name yet.

Aiken says the puppy’s hearing has not been affected. (Access North Georgia)

Contact the Hall County Humane Society:

Humane Society of Hall County
845 West Ridge Road
gainesville, Georgia 30501
Phone: 770-532-6617
Fax: 770-538 -0029

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