R.L WhiteYou have got to be kidding!!! This is just insane! This is the same man, R.L. White, president of the Atlanta chapter NAACP, who said, “If Mr. Vick is guilty, he should pay for his crime, but to treat him as he is being treated now is also a crime,” White said at a news conference. “Be restrained in your premature judgment until the legal process is completed.”

Well Michael Vick has admitted his guilt!! Now White is saying ‘oh please, let Mike play again.’ What unmitigated bullshit!!!

“As a society, we should aid in his rehabilitation and welcome a new Michael Vick back into the community without a permanent loss of his career in football,” said R.L. White, president of the group’s Atlanta chapter. “We further ask the NFL, Falcons, and the sponsors not to permanently ban Mr. Vick from his ability to bring hours of enjoyment to fans all over this country.”

They’ve urged us to treat him fairly. Well how fair was he when he strung up eight dogs and drowned the three who didn’t conveniently die quick enough?

White says that Vick made a mistake and should be allowed to show he learned from his mistake. Damn right he made a mistake and the only thing he learned is that he didn’t have the friends he thought he did when things came down to the wire!

White said the Atlanta chapter supports Vick’s decision to accept a plea bargain if it’s in his best interest, but he questioned the credibility of Vick’s co-defendants, saying an admission of guilt might be more about cutting losses than the truth.

“At this point, you’re not looking at guilt or innocence,” White said, referring to the possible harsher sentence Vick could have received had he taken his case to trial and been found guilty. “You’re thinking, ‘What I better do is cut my losses and take a plea.’ But if he saw this as the best thing to do at this point for his future, then I think he made the correct choice.”

Th only reason Vick decided to plea out when he did was to avoid getting hit with more charges that were even more serious, charges like racketeering that would have meant 20 years in prison rather than the year or so he’s looking at now. And the only thing Michale vick is really sorry about is that he got caught and lost his lucrative endorsements and may, if the NFL shows it sees what went on, lose if NFL career.

This man, if you can call him that, should never be allow to touch a football again!

White says he regrets the plea deal because all the facts won’t come out now. Well to be honest, so do I! If all the facts actually came out Michael Vick would be facing a lot more then he is now. What he’s going to wound up with after this plea deal is going to amount to not much more than a slap on the wrist compared to the full scope of his crimes!

White says he doesn’t support dogfighting but puts it on the same level as hunting. Is this man nuts?!? To take a dog from when it is a puppy and beat it, starves it, torture it, isolate it and then force it into a pit to fight another dog, where one dies or wishes it was dead is the same as hunting?? Hey White, if you had the choice to be a dog and be forced to fight or be an animal and take a quick, clean killing shot, which would you choose? Oh, and by the way, like it or not, hunting is LEGAL. Last time I checked dogfighting was a felony in 48 states which makes it ILLEGAL!

“His crime is, it was a dog,” White said. Actually is wasn’t just A dog, it was dozens and dozens of dogs, it was torture, it was murder, it was gambling, it was dogfighting, it was conspiracy and if the grand jury had convened and brought the additional charges it was expected to we probably have seen racketeering and who knows what else added to that list!!

“Just a dog’ Mr. White? I’m sorry but you’re just an idiot!

The only reason the NAACP is involved is because Vick is black and this is NOT a race issue! Would they be saying the same thing if he were not black? No way! I’ll say it again, THIS IS NOT ABOUT RACE! This is about guilt… admitted guilt and Michael Vick is guilty! Stop backing this loser!

The bottom line here is that one dog or 66, black or white, Vick is guilty and should pay the price and as far I am am concerned getting back on the field shouldn’t be a part of it. The only lesson that will show is that you can commit heineous crimes and basically get away with it!

And I need to add this, it’s from a column written by Drew Sharp in the Detroit Free Press.

If the NAACP demands involvement in Vick’s legal and career difficulties, it should concentrate on shedding more public light on the sadistic subculture of dogfighting and possibly how prominent the role of the millionaire black athlete is in this disgusting practice. It should question its own hypocrisy in having no critical complaint whatsoever with Vick and other high-profile black athletes making millions off the exploitation of financially challenged black kids who must have the right athletic shoe even if it costs 200 bucks, but then rips Nike for severing ties with Vick last week simply because Nike buckled from intense public pressure after the dogfighting charges.

There’s a corporate lesson here that even the most morally vacuous business organization still has limits to its tolerance.

The NAACP should look at the Vick investigation as the impetus for looking deeper within itself and demand similar introspection from its constituency. Merely framing Vick’s self-inflicted legal and career difficulties as a budding racial conflict is counterproductive.

Vick’s problems involve race only from the human race perspective.

The NAACP, in this regard, is guilty of that comfortable “picking on the brother” mentality that perpetuates a culture bent toward reflexively painting itself as the perpetual victim of social injustice.

Vick doesn’t need the NAACP watching his back.

For all the background and information as well as the full indictment and Pernell, Peace and Taylor’s “Statements of Facts”, please see – Michael Vick and Dogfighting

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