Sgt. Charles JonesOk, I’m going to make this short and sweet because I really am about sick of anything to do with this wonderful example of police enforcement!

The NC Personnel Commission handed in their verdict, reinstate fired trooper Charles Jones. That’s right, they say to give him his job back.

Crime Control and Public Safety Secretary Bryan Beatty said Friday that he had received the State Personnel Commission’s order to reinstate Charles Jones. Beatty upheld Jones’ dismissal in September 2007, but a state administrative law judge ruled that his firing violated the patrol’s personnel policies.

The commission found that the patrol did not have “just cause to dismiss for unacceptable personal conduct;” however, it did find “sufficient cause for discipline for unsatisfactory job performance,” Beatty said.

Beatty expressed his disagreement with the decision and said that patrol leaders will consult with the state Attorney General’s Office to decide about an appeal to the state Superior Court.

“We feel we made the right decision concerning Trooper Jones,” Capt. Everett Clendenin, a spokesman for the Highway Patrol, said. (WRAL)

Is this over now? Who knows? It may yet be appealed. I hope it is. I don’t believe anyone who could do this should be on any police force. I think there is a potential that he could be a danger to those he is paid to police.

On an interesting sidenote, you may remember that many troopers, in Jones’ defense, spoke about how ‘stubborn’ Ricoh was and hard to train and that Jones’ actions were warranted.

And of course Ricoh couldn’t speak for himself but is does seem that someone else did speak for him, saying what a wonderful dog he was and this person sung Ricoh’s praises again and again. Who was that? Why, Charles Jones himself, in report after report…

In reports of more than 240 training sessions leading up to the now infamous kicking incident, which was caught on video, Jones issued one positive report after another.

During those 18 months, the reports show that Ricoh obeyed voice commands and hand signals, found illegal drugs stashed in cars and buildings, or passed by those that were clean. He was praised, rewarded or both nearly every time.

“Ricoh was utilized for an obedience exercise,” Jones wrote in one report on June 11, 2007. “Ricoh did well following all voice and hand commands. Ricoh was rewarded and praised.”

This is a dog, Jones testified, that was so difficult to train that he used a shock collar on him until the patrol banned them. Jones said he had requested Ricoh be taken out of service. (News Observer)

And of course these reports never saw the light of day during any of the hearings. All anyone ever heard was how difficult Ricoh was.

Just thought I would pass that little tidbit along….

You can read all the background on this case as well as see the video on the following links;

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