This has got to be one of the most sick, brutal cases of abuse I’ve ever heard!! A NC teen shot and beat a pregnant Rottweiler to death then cut her unborn puppies from her body!!

Wesley Logan White of Glen Dancy Road, Wilkesboro, NC, not even 17, committed this atrocity Monday, the 23rd. He claimed to have shot the dog while it was in his yard but evidence and witnesses tell a different story.

At the intersection of Dillard and Glen Dancy Roads, Deputy Clayton Shumate of the Wilkes Sheriff’s Department and David Wagoner of Dillard Road in Hays, found found large puddles of blood in the grass and blood on the road indicating the dog had been dragged from there to White’s house.

Neighbors said that White shot the dog while it was on Dillard road. The dog wasn’t dead when White dragged her about 45 yards, across the road, beat her to death with a mattock and then removed the dog’s unborn puppies.

He then dumped the dog’s body in the county landfill in Roaring River. The bodies of two puppies that were cruelly removed from the mother’s body were found in a garden where the dog was bludgeoned to death.

White was arrested and charged with felony cruelty to animals.

What could possibly make someone, anyone, do something so sick, let along a teenager?? I can’t even wrap my mind around such depravity and I don’t think I want to. This is one person, who if he is not removed from society, is definitely destined for much bigger things and they’re only going to get worse!

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