Trailer Home housed nearly 100 dead animalsIn an East Texas trailer home on the north side of highway 80 near highway 155, Big Sandy police found the bodies of nearly 100 dead dogs and cats, some of them years old. Some of the bodies were found in coolers and freezer, wrapped in plastic, dead puppies stored in ‘Zip-Lock’ bags, it was a scene right out of a horror movie. All of the animals appeared to have died from starvation or disease.

And in the midst of the dead bodies, every surface covered in feces and dead mice, lived two women, Lisa Lide, 49, and Vicky Greenlee, 50, who were taken into custody, and nine living starved dogs.

“Not in a hundred years did I think I’d ever see it. It was very shocking to me. I was justFeces and dead mice covered every surface appalled at what I saw,” said Big Sandy Mayor Wayne Weese.

Police became involved several weeks ago when the women were served a nuisance letter because of the condition of their front lawn, Weese said.

“We didn’t do anything. We didn’t do anything to these animals. We kept them fed, watered and loved,” said Lide as she was taken to the Upshur County Jail.

Neighbors said that the women had lived there for about two years but it wasn’t until the last year that they began to notice that something was wrong. The smell the of dead, decaying animals began to get pervasive and neighborhood pets began to disappear.

Lisa Lide and Vicky Greenlee“Oh, I couldn’t believe it. I thought somebody died, and the smell emanating from there was horrible,” said neighbor Jerry Solomon.

“My cousin bought us a dog, and the next thing we know it was gone,” Hodge said.

The trailer house now needs to be either removed or burned for the safety of the neighbors. The front door is now marked by a department of public works notice declaring it “unfit for human or animal occupancy.” The two women will be arraigned on charges of animal cruelty tomorrow. Other charges are pending.

I just don’t even know what to say! This is beyond an atrocity! These women are obviously very sick. I cannot even fathom what could possibly be going through the minds of people like this, why they would do this.

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