How anyone, even a drunken lunatic, could possibly think they had the right to go on someone’s property and remove their dog, take into their house and shoot it, is beyond me but obviously that’s what Louis Frank Mough, 44, of 317 Mt. Tabor Road, Long Branch, PA thought.

After verbally accosting his neighbor last night, Rebecca Billy; coming onto her property, calling her names, threatening her, threatening to kill her dog if he didn’t stop barking, Mough flipped the 10 yr old lab’s, Blackjack, doghouse into the nearby creek and proceeded to untie the dog. Rebecca Billy ran to call the police while doing so, she heard gunshots.

When the police arrive a short time later and confronted Mough who “appeared to be intoxicated.. could smell alcohol on his breath,” he said that he’d taken the dog into his house and shot it. When place under arrest he became loud, insisting he was within his rights to shoot the dog.

Ms. Billy was notified and allowed to removed her poor dog’s remains.

When police searched Mough’s house they recovered the .22 that was used to shoot the dog along with an M-1 carbine, a BB rifle and ammunition.

Mough is charged with cruelty to animals, criminal mischief, harassment, and criminal trespass for killing a the black Labrador retriever, called “Blackjack,” and taken to Washington County Prison on $5000 bond and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for August 17.

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