Terry Lane FreckAuthorities still have no clue, or at least aren’t saying, why Terry Lane Freck, 65, of Ashville, NC, shot his neighbor’s dog, Zeus, a pitbull.  Not only did he shoot the dog with birdshot from a shotgun, the pellets hitting the dog from head to tail practically, he did it while the dog’s owner’s 4-year-old nephew was standing right next to the dog, and on its own property.

When Jennifer Iniguez heard the shots and saw her nephew, Jose, she started screaming because he was spattered with blood. Initially she thought that he’d been shot.

“I started screaming real bad,” said Iniguez. “I thought the little boy had got shot because the blood splattered on him. That’s how close it was.”

“My understanding is the dog was shot while it was on its own property. We do not know why the dog was shot,” said Lt. Helen Hall, director of county animal control services. “All I can tell you is some children were in the area where the dog was shot in close proximity.”

Zeus_Jose-IniguezThe 8-month-old pitbull puppy, Zeus, was treated by a vet and is recovering from his injuries. As for the little boy, Jose, He was traumatized by the incident and a week later is still having nightmares.

“He’s very traumatize. He can’t sleep. He says the man in his sleep is going to get him,” Iniguez said.

And Jose was not the only child playing outside at the time, there were 6 children who all witnessed Freck shoot the dog, blood spattering everywhere.

Iniguez has no idea why it happened, she says Freck has never even spoken to her and that Zeus stays on his own property and doesn’t bother anyone.

“My dog doesn’t bother anybody,” Jennifer Iniguez said. “The dog was on my property. I’m scared to be at home by myself now.”

Freck has been charged with felony animal abuse rather than misdemeanor because of the nature of the crime.  He was also charged with assault by pointing a gun and injury to personal property, there’s some contention that he may have pointed the gun at the child as well as firing off two shots.

“The fact that it was shot while on its own property, that is what we consider as being malicious,” Hall said.


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What is wrong with people?  It’s bad enough to shoot an innocent dog for no reason but to shot a dog when there’s a small child standing right next to it, just unbelievable!  And on the owner’s property yet?  I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t add some kind of child endangements charges as well.

I don’t have a problem with guns and people owning guns in general but it’s quite obvious that there are some people who shouldn’t have them.  Perhaps it’s also obvious that some people, namely Freck, needs some serious help, among other things!  I cannot even imagine what possible reason or excuse he could come up with for his actions.

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